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Justice League Dark No Director

Image It looks like a real curse is hanging over the DC cinematic universe. As it became known to the edition of The Hollywood Reporter , the superhero franchise of the studio Warner Bros. has lost another director.

The management of the Hollywood major began to experience problems communicating with the directors of their film comics a couple of years ago. In April 2015, Michelle McLaren was forced to leave the director's chair for Wonder Woman due to creative differences with the bosses of WB . Fortunately, the studio was able to quickly find a replacement in the person of Patty Jenkins, who successfully brought the project to the big screens. The fate of the blockbuster "Flash", which has already lost two directors, is much less successful.

Now the " Dark Justice League " has also become ownerless. For many years Guillermo del Toro dreamed of taking the director's chair of the film comic strip, but last August WB chose to entrust the work on the film to Doug Lyman .


Fans of the DC universe received the news of the appointment of Lyman to the post of director of the adaptation of graphic novels about a group of heroes with supernatural abilities with a fair amount of enthusiasm, because in order to participate in the making of the film, he refused to work on superhero tape "Gambit". In recent months, the director has been eager to share with viewers information about the " Dark Justice League ", and therefore the news of his departure from the studio project WB thundered like a bolt from the blue.

Insiders speculate that Lyman had to give up work on the comic strip due to the heavy shooting schedule. Doug was simultaneously attached to the Dark Justice League and the Treads of Chaos. Apparently, the director preferred the post-apocalyptic drama of the studio Lionsgate . Despite the fact that the DC universe has lost a talented filmmaker, moviegoers can find reason to be optimistic in today's news: the departure of Lyman from the superhero franchise could accelerate the progress of work on a sequel to the sci-fi action movie "Edge of Tomorrow".


The creators of the cinematic universe DC have already begun searching for a new director of " Dark Justice League ". The main contender for the vacant position of the director of the film about the team of John Constantine is considered to be Andres Muschetti , who gained experience of cooperation with the studio WB thanks to his work on the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "It".

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