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The birth of hip-hop

Image Following the success of Voices of the Streets, Universal expressed a desire to make another film about prominent figures in hip-hop - the major was planning a biopic about the label Def Jam and its founders. The studio's management was even going to invite Michael B. Jordan and John Hill to the main roles in the film, but this idea was never realized, and now the bosses of 20th Century Fox are ready to take up the baton from competitors.

According to the portal Deadline , the studio is starting work on a biographical drama about Russell Simmons , the founder of Def Jam Recordings , which is called Life and Def: Sex Drugs Money + God . The project will be produced by Simmons .

The film follows the rise of Simmons , whose childhood was spent in Queens, to the pinnacle of fame. He went from being a simple guy to being the founder of a music label, film producer, fashion designer and activist. Through the prism of the history of Simmons , the film will show the development of rap and hip-hop in America. The events of the tape will unfold against the backdrop of New York in the early 80s, when crime and crack spread faster than a forest fire, the city was on the verge of bankruptcy, and MTV after the death of disco gained unheard of popularity. It was in this atmosphere that a young promoter, who used to hang out on the streets of Queens, began to engage in aspiring artists who read lyrics to beats instead of melodies.


The bosses of Fox have already found a scriptwriter for the biopic - it will be Kenya Burris, whose track record includes an Emmy nomination for the comedy "Blackish", as well as a third "Barber" ...

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Author: Jake Pinkman