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Will Tatum trade Gambit for the DC Cinematic Universe?

Image The adaptation of the comic " Gambit " risks being left without a leading actor. Rumors have flooded Hollywood that Channing Tatum may refuse to participate in the long-term construction for a role in the DC Cinematic Universe.

As an indirect proof of this theory, the portal Movieweb provides interesting information about the activity of director Rick Famuyiva on social networks. We reported last week that a film maker has been appointed to direct The Flash. Over the past few days, Famuyiva has followed the official Twitter feed of Warner Bros. , the newly formed DC Films division and the franchise's top stars. Rick also became a reader of the Tatum feed, which gave DC fans a reason to think that the actor really left the project “ Gambit "And made a deal with WB .

The film company 20th Century Fox has been unable to launch the solo album of the famous comic book hero Marvel into production for several years. A year and a half ago, the studio's management appointed the film's premiere for October this year, but due to numerous problems with the script, it had to be postponed indefinitely. In March, director Doug Lyman got tired of waiting for progress on the project, deciding to turn his attention to the thriller The Wall. Some insiders tend to think that the director no longer intends to return to " Gambit ". If the studio also loses Tatum , the film about the mutant Remy LeBeau may well be shelved.


The 20th Century Fox comic book universe is going through tough times. It all started with the fact that Fantastic Four failed at the box office last year. Studio bosses had to urgently scale back plans to create her sequel and crossover with X-Men. Earlier this year, it seemed that the major's affairs went uphill when Deadpool shot at the box office, but the May blockbuster X-Men: Apocalypse not only received conflicting reviews from critics, but also performs in the box office is not nearly as successful as I would like its creators.


Officials from the WB and Fox studios have so far declined to comment on the situation with Channing Tatum .

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