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Captain Marvel Director Shortlist

Image The company Marvel has already decided who will play Captain Marvel in the film of the same name, and the moment is approaching when the name of the director of the future blockbuster will be announced. Back at Comic-Con , when Brie Larson was officially cast as a superhero, Kevin Feige promised that comic book fans would know who would be at the helm of the project by the end of summer.

Previously, a lot of directors applied for the position of the director of the film, among them was the winner of the "Oscar" Katherine Bigelow, and Emily Carmichael, just starting her career in big cinema. The Hollywood Reporter managed to get a shortlist of the main contenders for the director's chair of " Captain Marvel ", and neither Bigelow nor Carmichaelis no longer in this list.

So, according to the source, Marvel bosses are now considering nominations for Nicky Caro , Leslie Linkie Glatter and Lauren Skafaria . Karo is known to moviegoers for the drama "Riding a Whale", and not so long ago Nicky completed work on the film "The Zoo Keeper's Wife" starring Jessica Chastain. Lauren Skafaria began her journey in Hollywood by writing the script for the film Be My Boyfriend for Five Minutes, and subsequently led the filming of the comedy Seeking a Friend at the End of the World and Obsessive. And finally, Leslie Linka Glatter has devoted most of her career to television, and her work includes episodes of "The Walking Dead" ( The Walking Dead ), "Homeland" ( Homeland

The source writes that we should not wait for the announcement of the lucky woman's name anytime soon - first, Marvel will provide each applicant with a script, written by Nicole Perlman and Mag LeFov, to prepare the presentation.

Captain Marvel opens in USA theaters on March 7, 2019 .

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