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Monkeys with guns and Volobuev's provincials: watch this week

Image While moviegoers around the world are arguing about which of the three Spidermen is better - Maguire, Garfield, or Holland, who replaced them - the distributors are preparing to release another batch of new products that can make us leave the premises and make a hike in the movie theaters.

And if armed primates on the verge of a nervous breakdown won't force you to put on your 3D glasses and fork out for a bucket of flavored popcorn, check out the projects in the middle of the premiere list. There, tattooed American prisoners, a famous USA film critic and a hooligan-minded Spaniard director, who makes his freaky heroes squabble with each other in a confined space, opened hospitable arms for you there.

The main premiere of the week, the fantastic blockbuster by Matt Reeves War of the Planet of the Apes , should not only properly empty the wallets of our viewers, but also finally put an end to the confrontation between genetically modified primates and humans. Andy Serkis will appear in the image of the uncompromising monkey leader Caesar , as in the previous parts of the film series, and Woody Harrelson will reincarnate in the not very nice leader of the people Colonel .

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The main message of the tape is obvious - if you mock animals for a very long time, sooner or later they will start mocking us. But not for the sake of this deep thought, moviegoers will go to the cinema, but for the sake of the powerful "grafon" and chic special effects for which the franchise is so famous. Judging by the first reviews, the entertainment of the final part of the film series is simply off scale. As for the people for whom, in fact, this movie was filmed, they are presented here as a stupid gray mass, in contrast to the monkeys, whose characters are worked out so carefully, as if each of them claims to be Oscar . However, Caesar (that is, of course, Serkis ) has long deserved it, and this film, in which he appeared as an aging, understanding sage with eyes full of pain and hatred, - a clear confirmation of this. Generally,

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For fans of John Bernthal, the most successful “graduate” of The Walking Dead series, and the reference Lannister Nikolai Coster-Waldau, our distributors have prepared a crime thriller Shot Into The Void , whose promo - the campaign was almost imperceptible. Rick Roman Waugh's film tells how just one mistake can lead you to jail, and jail can completely change your personality. For both actors, the texture allows them to organically fit into the images of brutal prisoners, and Wo practiced the genre, working on a painting "Criminal" similar in theme and plot (in some sources "Shot into the Void" listed as its sequel). In addition, Nikolay worked hard on the image, so connoisseurs of the genre will certainly enjoy watching not only the harsh showdowns and the flavor of the American penitentiary system, but also the gradual transformation of a respectable financier into a notorious scumbag. Thus, in the cinema hall adjacent to Voina , at least a high-quality male movie awaits us.


Two Novels , Karimov and Volobuev, will have to take the rap for the domestic film industry next week, both of which have already established themselves as good amateur directors. So, Roman Karimov shot the delightful "Inadequate People" and the completely digestible comedy "Walk, Vasya!" This time he will present to our court a mystical horror - a project called "Black Water" about an abandoned ship. The trailer does not provide much information about the plot, but it perfectly illustrates the approach of Karimov : it is clear that the director is well acquainted with the techniques inherent in this genre, but uses them with a fair amount of imagination. Perhaps he will be able to stir up the swamp in which in recent years most of the domestic horror films have floundered sluggishly.


As for Roman Volobuev , the ex-film critic who made his full-length debut with the melancholic indie film Cold Front, next week he will present the crime comedy Blockbuster . Based on real events, the project will tell about two pretty first generation Muscovites who are trying to play against the rules. A scandal at the recently held "Kinotavr" is connected with the rental of the tape - the director said that the version presented to the first viewers is a "producer's assembly", so he removes his name from the credits. However, the festival visitors liked this "producer" "Blockbuster" for the most part - for satire over the eternal confrontation between the capital's residents and provincials, a variety of jokes and unobtrusive quotations from outstanding directors.

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European cinema next week will feature the work of Alex de la Iglesia, a director known for his bully approach to crime genres. His new film A Wild Story tells the story of a group of people locked in a cafe through the fault of a sniper. Panic, a psychotic bum, brains on the asphalt and the signature “we will all die” - the Spanish filmmaker skillfully mixes his favorite ingredients so that the result is not the most digestible, but a very strong cocktail with a good intoxicating effect. At first glance, typical characters in an extreme situation turn into real freaks, the plot behaves completely unpredictable, and black humor is so black that especially impressionable viewers may need a package. You probably shouldn't go to Wild Story on a romantic date night,
At the end of the list of premieres are projects for those who go to the cinema with their parents. Animated film Once upon a time there was a cat co-produced by Japan and Canada will tell about the adventures of a little kitten in a big city, and the American-Chinese cartoon The Frog Princess: The Secret of the Magic Room Is a story about insidious villains who disrupted the peaceful life of the frog kingdom.

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