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Hollywood reveals the mystery of Venetian mirrors

Image American producer John Albanis decided to take viewers back to the days when the mirror was considered a real luxury item, to which people attributed various magical properties. According to Variety , the Hollywood filmmaker has acquired the rights to film adaptation of Martin Cia's novel The Mirror Thief .

The adventure thriller will be directed and written by Peter Chelsom (Intuition). Tinker Lindsay (Hector's Journey in Search of Happiness) will assist the filmmaker in working on the plot of the film adaptation of the debut novel Ciei .

The book is set in three different cities and eras. The central storyline takes place in Venice in the 16th century, which at the time was the world's largest manufacturer of mirrors. The manufacturing technology of this mysterious object was kept in such a strict secret that Italian craftsmen were forbidden to leave the floating city on pain of death. The main protagonist has to start developing an ingenious plan with which he hopes to get out of Venice. Two other heroes of the novel intend to carry out no less grandiose scams. One lives in 1958 in the coastal area of Venice in Los Angeles, and the other lives in the Venice Casino in Las Vegas these days ...


Albanis and Chelsom have already collaborated on " Hector's Travels in Search of Happiness " and "Hannah Montana: The Movie", and in December they will present at the public court has its new joint project - the romantic drama "Space between us".

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