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Tom Cruise found a director for Top Gun of 2

Image After years of rumors and speculation, Tom Cruise has finally confirmed that there will be a sequel for " Top Gun ". The Hollywood actor is considering the long-awaited film as his next project and is ready to start working on it after the filming of Mission: Impossible 6 ends. Before they even started, Cruz met with potential directors of Top Gun of 2 and ultimately chose Joseph Kosinski .

According to the portal Variety , Kosinski , who previously worked with Cruz on Oblivion, is the main contender for the sequel's directorial chair. Although Paramount and Skydance studios have not yet made an official offer to the director, insiders say this will certainly happen.

The latest script for the film was written by Justin Marks ("The Jungle Book"), but it is not yet clear if the major is going to rework the text. The action of the tape will unfold in the world of drones and the fifth generation of fighters. Other plot details are unknown, but Val Kilmer has already been asked to return to the role of Iceman .


Joseph Kosinski may not be the most experienced filmmaker in Hollywood, but Tom was amazed at his vision for a future film. Before Oblivion , the director managed to work on the fantastic blockbuster Tron: Legacy, and after that he was going to shoot Go Like Hell along with the same Cruz . However, this idea was never realized, and Kosinski turned his attention to the drama "Granite Mountain".

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Author: Jake Pinkman