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Peoples Choice Awards 2017 Winners

Image The 43rd People's Choice Awards was held today at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by actor Joel McHale.

The prestigious film, television and music awards are voted on by ordinary people online. The largest number of nominations, the list of which was announced back in November, went to the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, and among television projects - the drama Grey's Anatomy ( Grey's Anatomy ).

The winners of the People's Choice Awards are:


Favorite Movie - "Finding Dory"

Favorite Action - Deadpool


Favorite Comedy Movie - Bad Moms

Favorite drama film - "Me Before You"

Favorite thriller - "The Girl on the Train"

Favorite Family Movie - Finding Dory

Favorite cartoon voice - Ellen DeGeneres (Finding Dory)


Favorite Comedy Movie Actor - Kevin Hart

Favorite Comedy Movie Actress - Melissa McCarthy

Favorite Drama Movie Actor - Tom Hanks

Favorite Drama Movie Actress - Blake Lively


Favorite Action Movie Actor - Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Action Movie Actress: Margot Robbie

Favorite Actor - Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Actress - Jennifer Lawrence


Favorite movie icon - Johnny Depp

TV :

Favorite TV Show - "Outlander" ( Outlander )

Favorite TV Serial Comedy - "The Big Bang Theory" ( The Big Bang Theory )

Favorite Cable TV Serial Comedy: Baby Daddy

Favorite TV Series Drama - Grey's Anatomy ( Grey's Anatomy )


Favorite TV series drama - Bates Motel ( Bates Motel )

Favorite Premium Cable TV Series: Orange is the New Black

Favorite Premium Cable TV Series Comedy: Fuller House

Favorite Animated Series - The Simpsons ( The Simpsons )


Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show - Supernatural

Cable Channel's Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show on Premium Cable - Outlander

Favorite TV Crime Drama - Criminal Minds

Favorite TV Comedy Actor - Jim Parsons

Favorite TV Comedy Actress - Sofia Vergara

Favorite TV Drama Actor - Justin Chambers


Favorite TV Drama Actress - Priyanka Chopra

Favorite Crime Drama Actor - Mark Harmon

Favorite Crime Drama Actress - Jennifer Lopez


Favorite Cable TV Actor: Freddie Highmore

Favorite Cable TV Actress - Vera Farmiga

Favorite Premium Cable Actor: Dwayne Johnson

Favorite Premium Cable TV Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker


Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Actor - Sam Heughan

Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Actress - Katrina Balfe

Favorite Actor in the New Series - Matt LeBlanc

Favorite actress in the new series - Kristen Bell


Favorite New TV Comedy - Man with a Plan

Favorite New TV Drama - This Is Us

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