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Amazon prepares to travel to Middle-earth

Image The Lord of the Rings trilogy pushed moviegoers close to $ 3 billion and earned the creators many Oscars, so it had to happen one day: Warner Bros. Studios. is preparing a series based on the epic written by J.R.R. Tolkien. While the project is in its early stages of development, the main contender for heading to Middle-earth is media giant Amazon. The information portal Variety reports about it.

Details of the future series are still unknown, however, according to the source, Amazon President Jeff Bezos himself is involved in the work on the television version of The Lord of the Rings, which happens quite rarely, although Bezos, by his own admission, is a big fan of fantasy and science fiction. >
Based on the example of its competitors, Amazon decided to keep up and focus on large-scale TV shows that would appeal to an international audience. "The Lord of the Rings" with his huge army of fans fits into this concept as well as possible. It is precisely because of the change in strategy that Amazon closed the dramas The Last Tycoon and Zelda: The Beginning of Everything, despite the fact that the latter had previously been extended for a second season.


We also recently reported that the television division of the media giant is in the process of developing a number of shows based on popular science fiction novels. If everything ends successfully, then the audience will have to get acquainted with the immortal creature Lazarus, visit virtual reality and go on an expedition to the amazing ring-shaped world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman