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Image At the beginning of next year, the movie "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" will be released, which will put an end to the popular franchise based on the series of games by the Japanese company Capcom . According to Deadline , director Paul W.S. Anderson has already started looking for a new project. The director of the four parts of Resident Evil is not averse to continuing his collaboration with Capcom on the adaptation of the game saga " Monster Hunter ".

The first part of Monster Hunter went on sale in 2004, and to date, the video game series has sold nearly 40 million copies. Anderson took an interest in Monster Hunter a few years ago, but chose to film the ending of the zombie apocalypse story first. Since then, he has managed to write the script for a fantasy film and create an impressive collection of concept art.

Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt will start looking for support from Hollywood studios very soon. They estimate the budget of the first part of the planned franchise at about $ 50 million . If Paul successfully finds investors, the Canadian special effects studio Mr. X , which helped him create Resident Evil. CG artists have already created several 3D models of the film's characters to give Semi something to surprise Hollywood bosses during his presentation.


In the center of the story will be an ordinary guy who one day finds out that he is a descendant of an ancient hero. The protagonist has the opportunity to go to a magical land to learn how to fight monsters planning an attack on the human world ...

Anderson brought Resident Evil characters to the big screen in 2002. Over the past fourteen years, the horror series has managed to become the highest grossing franchise based on video games. Resident Evil spent $ 250 million to create the five previous installments, and their box office grossed more than $ 915 million .


" Resident Evil: The Final Chapter " will be released in USA on January 26 .

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