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Will Mel Gibson direct the second Suicide Squad?

Image While Suicide Squad drew an extremely controversial response from critics, this did not stop it from collecting international box office box office four times the production budget. So the question of whether the film will have a sequel or not was not even raised. According to Variety , Warner Bros. already has a list of potential candidates for the sequel's directing chair.

The loudest name in the audience is Mel Gibson himself. The director spent ten years in relative oblivion, flickering in the pages of the yellow press, but last year he triumphantly returned with the military drama "For reasons of conscience." In the near future, Gibson is planning to shoot the film "Berserk".

Second on the list is Ruben Fleischer. The director, who in 2009 released a wonderful comedy about the living dead, "Welcome to Zombieland", has not pleased us with anything since then. This year he directed several episodes of the hilarious cannibalistic comedy "Diet of Santa Clarita" for Netflix , and plans to release "Jekyll" next year. The director also plans to film a continuation of the story about Zombieland.


Daniel Espinosa is another candidate to direct the film about Harley Quinn and company. In 2010, Espinosa released Easy Money in all respects, but the year before last, he removed the disastrous "Number 44". Whether the director will succeed in regaining the audience's trust will be shown next month, when his new project “Live” will be released.

Also on the WB list is Jonathan Levine, best known for his revisionist zombie apocalypse quote - "The Heat of Our Bodies." However, this director has almost every hour scheduled for the next six months.


The first Squad was directed by David Eyre, but the director does not plan to enter the same river for the second time. In terms of the cast, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Jai Courtney, Yuel Kinnaman, Viola Davis and Adewale Aquinoye-Agbaje are expected to return to their roles in the sequel.

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