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Moscow Ghouls and the Mechanic's Return: Watch This Week

Image After major summer releases, the end of August does not look very bright both in terms of viewership and auteur cinema. Nevertheless, the last weekend of the summer will offer domestic film fans a decent geography of films. In addition to the American standard, a couple of European films and one Asian film will be released, and surprisingly, USA cinema is the leader in the number of new products.

Two of our films will be looking for their audience at once, starting from August 25. The first one is " Nightguards ". This is a fantasy action movie that tells about the other world, which is adjacent to our bored reality. The protagonist, the courier Pasha Smolnikov , will have to personally face werewolves, ghouls and vampires in Moscow itself. A certain department "H" will come to his aid. Employees of this organization make sure that all evil spirits keep their paws away from the human world. So Pasha will be drawn into a supernatural story directed by the Lithuanian Emilis Velivis. Apparently, a kind of "sentinel" spectacle is outlined, claiming the title of a domestic blockbuster. Smolnikov was played by a debutant in big cinema and grandson of Oleg Yankovsky - Ivan Yankovsky. The leading secondary roles are played by Leonid Yarmolnik and Lyubov Aksenova.


Our other painting is " Sparta " by Nikolai Kudryashov. The film, which is positioned as a sports drama, is dedicated to a new type of martial arts. Named after the ancient Greek polis, the competition is a four-against-four team battle. The main character of the film, the former world champion in mixed martial arts, was imprisoned due to a street fight and lost everything that was dear to him. In order to somehow get out of this crisis, he will have to return to big sport and challenge the whole world. The interest of this story is added only by the fact that the director and performer of the main role is a real champion in fights without rules Nikolai Kudryashov . The film is partially autobiographical, and the roles of the fighters in it were played by real athletes.


Other, more obvious horrors coexist with the domestic cinema in the schedule of the premieres, namely the horror " Don't Breathe ", positively assessed by Western critics as an excellent genre picture. The phrase calling not to make any absolute noise is not accidentally put into the title, because a significant part of the time teenage heroes will have to hide in the dark from an enemy who is much better adapted to such conditions. The guys traded with small robberies quite successfully until they received a tip at the house of a blind pensioner. Strange but rich. They were tempted by a large amount and little effort to get it. As you might guess, the grandfather was not so helpless: the teenagers were trapped in his house as victims. A very intimate picture, in the opinion of critics, does not sag in action,

Don't Breathe
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Another novelty for a wide audience is the second part of " Mechanics " with Jason State. Mercenary killer Arthur Bishop after the events of the first tape tied up with his criminal past. But, as we know from the movies, it is very difficult to retire in such a “profession”. The past overtakes the hero of State : the villain kidnaps the mercenary's beloved, and now Bishop will have to fulfill all the conditions set before him in order to save her. And the task will be like this: three murders in different countries of the world, disguised as accidents. This limits the disposition of a criminal action movie, which is similar at the same time to the Hitman series of games and to another Jason film - "The Professional".

Mechanic: Resurrection
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Two arthouse premieres of the week will offer sophisticated audiences an experience unmatched by mainstream cinema. So, the Korean historical drama " The Maid " will be released this week. Its plot is set in the 30s of the last century, when Korea was occupied by Japanese troops. The swindler Count and the simple girl Soke decide on a dangerous adventure, the goal of which is to conquer the heart and wealth of the Japanese aristocrat Hideko . " The Maid " should enchant the domestic audience not only with Asian exoticism, but also with a stunning visual performance, marked by the Cannes prize "Volcano" . The French documentary Hurricane: Odyssey of the Wind can also boast of the beauty of the picture. The film crew worked for 1,000 days to capture the rise, growth and extinction of Hurricane Lucy . In addition to the fact that such work required a fair amount of dedication and endurance from the entire film crew, the documentary approach is mixed here with the creative one: Lucy is voiced by a voiceover. While the filmmakers follow her development, she poetically comments on the world around and life.

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