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Han Solo's solo album left without directors

Image In the history of cinema, there have been many high-profile scandals between directors and producers. In 2015, very unpleasant details of the conflict between Fantastic Four director Josh Trank and the leadership of 20th Century Fox became public. Back then, many film fans simply could not believe that Hollywood studios were capable of such an irresponsible approach to creating films with price tags in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Only two years have passed, and a new scandal broke out in Hollywood, which has every chance to overshadow the loud fiasco of the film comics studio Fox . The official site of the Star Wars space saga reported that the management of the studio Disney and Lucasfilm have decided to fire Chris Miller and Phil Lord b>from the post of directors of the so far unnamed solo album Han Solo . The situation is complicated by the fact that the main filming period for the second spin-off of the cult film series started back in February this year.

The official press release contains only the traditional phrase for such situations about the existence of insurmountable creative differences between the duo of directors and the team of film producers.


The network has already begun to flood with rumors about the true reasons for the termination of contracts with Lord and Miller . According to Variety , the directors pitted writer Laurence Kasdan and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy against themselves from day one. The franchise's veterans were unhappy with both the filming method and the young filmmakers' work ethic. The authoritative publication The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the directors of the Macho and the Nerd dilogy tried to bring more comedic notes into the script and asked the actors to improvise on the set. Neither the scriptwriter nor the producers liked this approach to work.

Some sources also claim that Lord and Miller were unable to find common ground with the stars of the film. Finally, netizens' wildest theory is that Phil and Chris have decided to quit in order to return to the director's chair of the superhero action movie The Flash.


Officials from Disney and Lucasfilm have assured viewers that the release date for Han Solo will not be rescheduled. The studios have already started looking for a new steering project. The main contenders for the vacancy at the moment are considered Oscar-winning Ron Howard ("Mind Games") and Joe Johnston ("The First Avenger").

If the producers fail to find a new director in the very near future, the production of the picture may be suspended. To avoid a long hiatus, Disney and Lucasfilm may be asked to complete the film by Lawrence Kasdan , who has quite a bit of experience as a director.


The creators of the space saga have already had to seriously redraw their projects. Last year's blockbuster Rogue One. Star Wars Tales underwent extensive filming that helped Disney and Lucasfilm change not only the overall tone, but also the plot of the film. As a result, many critics were forced to admit that the studio bosses did not in vain decided to seriously rework the tape of Gareth Edwards. Fans of " Star Wars " can only hope that Hollywood film companies will be able to get out of an extremely difficult situation again with honor.

The USA premiere of the film about the adventures of Han Solo is scheduled for May 24, 2018 .

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