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The sea is rough two

Image At one time, Steven Spielberg's action-packed thriller "Jaws" managed to become not just the highest-grossing film in the North American box office in 1975, but the ancestor of the summer blockbuster genre. Nowadays in Hollywood there is a new wave of interest in films about the deadly inhabitants of the oceans. While Jason Statham prepares to face the huge prehistoric shark in MEG, another underwater horror movie is set to work.

As reported by Screen Rant , the Syfy channel has begun creating a sequel to Rennie Harlin's sci-fi horror film The Deep Blue Sea . The original was released in 1999 and received controversial press coverage. Nevertheless, the film managed to successfully recoup its $ 60 million budget. After it earned $ 164 million worldwide box office, Warner Bros . lit up with the idea of creating its continuation.

To the disappointment of the fans of the Harlin tape, the project could not get off the ground for many years. In 2008, there were rumors on the web that the sequel could be sent straight to video, but in the end they never found their confirmation.


According to Hollywood insiders, WB has decided to transfer the franchise to Syfy . The director's chair for the sequel to The Deep Blue Sea will be taken by Darin Scott , who is already familiar with the horror genre from his work on films such as Dark House and Keep Out.

The filming of the TV movie will take place in Cape Town. Although Scott 's team has arrived in South Africa, Syfy 's bosses prefer to keep the main cast of the horror film secret. So far, it is only known that one of the roles in the second part of " Deep Blue Sea " will be played by Michael Beach ("Sons of Anarchy", "The Hundred").

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