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Creators of ”Son” Show Rusty America

Image This year has turned out to be successful for the writer Philip Meyer. First, the drama "Son", based on his work, received a second season extension from the AMC channel, and now the author's debut novel will reach the small screens, but under the leadership of the USA Network.

According to the portal Deadline, the network has ordered a full season of the series based on the book "American Rust". It is noteworthy that the new project will be taken up by the Son's team, represented by screenwriters Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman, who adapted the text of the literary original together with Meyer himself. All three will also serve as executive producers of the show. The premiere episode will be headed by David Gordon Greene, familiar to moviegoers from the films "Joe" and "Pineapple Express: Sitting, Smoking", and on TV who managed to work on the series "Red Oaks".

Published in 2009, Meyer's novel is set in a beautiful but economically run-down metallurgical town in Pennsylvania. Isaac has to pull on his aging father alone after his mother committed suicide and his sister fled to Yale. When the guy finally decides to leave his hometown with his best friend, they are caught off guard by a tragic crime that changes their lives forever. American Rust is a story about a ruined American dream, despair, friendship, loyalty, love and two guys who dreamed of a future outside factories and abandoned homes.


After the book was published, Walter Salles and Jose Rivera (On the Road) were going to adapt it for large screens, but further work on the film did not progress. Michael De Luca's company is involved in the work on the series, and for the eminent Hollywood producer this is one of the rare television projects, including The End of Childhood and the upcoming war drama Hue, 1968.

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Author: Jake Pinkman