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WB has begun its search for Batgirl

Image The management of the studio Warner Bros. announced the start of work on the blockbuster "Batgirl " just a couple of months ago, but the solo album Barbara Gordon has already become one of the most upcoming films of the DC cinematic universe. First, the phenomenal success of Wonder Woman has proven that the public has a huge interest in superhero stories. And secondly, almost every movie fan is eager to know how the career of the creator of "The Avengers" Joss Whedon in the DC universe will turn out.

ScreenRant shares rumors that Whedon and the WB bosses have already started casting for the superhero blockbuster. Among the main contenders for the role of protector of Gotham are the names of Elle Fanning ("The Neon Demon"), Olivia Cook ("Bates Motel"), Bella Thorne ("Scream"), Katherine Langford ("13 Reasons Why"), Margaret Qualley (" Goodfellas), Jane Levy (Don't Breathe), Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), Haley Lou Richardson (Split) and Naomi Scott (Terra Nova).

The main favorite in the fight for the role of Batgirl is reportedly 21-year-old Australian Katherine Langford , who made a lasting impression on critics with her performance in the series “ 13 Reasons Why". Many television experts agree that this month's role of schoolgirl Hannah Baker in the first season of the social drama of the online service Netflix will bring the young actress her first nomination for an award. b>Emmy ".


According to Hollywood insiders, the performer of the title role in the new film comic of the DC universe may be presented to the public already at Comic-Con . The WB management has not yet commented on these rumors.

Previously, the producers of the superhero franchise noted that " Batgirl " should be the second film of the DC universe about a female superheroine. If the studio still intends to release a solo album Barbara Gordon before the sequel to " Wonder Woman ", the presentation of the main star of the film Whedon could really take place in three weeks at Comic-Con .


To the disappointment of the public, the famous San Diego festival will be held without the participation of Joss himself, who had to urgently replace Zach Snyder as director of the blockbuster Justice League.

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Author: Jake Pinkman