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Hollywood talks about the lives of dirty rappers

Image After the biographical drama Voice of the Streets grossed more than $ 200 million worldwide and received a Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, Hollywood studio bosses became much more willing to give the green light to paintings about hip-hop legends. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Lionsgate and Temple Hill have decided to tell viewers the success story of the popular rap group 2 Live Crew .

The script for the tape " Luke's Book " will be based on the autobiography of the same name by longtime leader 2 Live Crew Luther Campbell . The American group was founded in the early 80s in California. Her first single was so popular in Florida that the rappers decided to move to Miami. There they managed to strike a deal with the record company Campbell , who was known in the local music scene under the creative pseudonym Luke Skywalker . At first, Luther acted as the band's manager, and later became its lead vocalist.

Nationwide fame came to 2 Live Crew in 1990 when their third studio album, As Nasty As They Wanna Be was banned from sale by the decision of the Federal District Court of the Southern District of Florida. Despite the fact that the cassettes and records of the group contained a sticker warning about the presence of profanity in the lyrics of the songs, the judge Jose Gonzalez considered that the musical group had crossed all the boundaries of decency. Campbell immediately armed himself with legal support and began to insist that the court's decision violated his constitutional right to free speech.


In 1992, the US Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with attorneys' arguments that profanity and vulgar sexual expressions were an important part of African American culture. " As Nasty As They Wanna Be " not only returned safely to store shelves, but also managed to get into the thirty most popular albums in the United States.

After a loud scandal around the provocative album, Campbell got the nickname King of dirty rap . Since then, Luther has become a regular participant in high-profile trials. In 1994, he was charged with illegally using music from Roy Orbison's song “ Oh, Pretty Woman ,” but again came out dry. His lawyers exploited a loophole in the law and proved that 2 Live Crew did not infringe copyright, as their composition was performed in a parody genre. Fortune turned against Campbell when he received a lawsuit from the creator of the space saga Star Wars, George Lucas. Soon enough, the musician had to change the name of his company from Luke Skyywalker Records to Luke Records .<

Campbell will be adapted for the big screen by Craig A. Williams (Super Dog), and the production team will include Marty Bowen (The Fault in Our Stars ") And Wick Godfrey (" I, Robot "). The creators of the biographical drama have already begun looking for leading actors. According to insiders, RJ Cyler ("Me, Earl and the Dying Girl", "I'm Dying with Laughter") received the offer to embody the image of Luther Campbell . The young actor was literally born for this role: his parents met at the concert 2 Live Crew .

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