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Monster Family Returns to TV

Image Reboots and revivals of various franchises, TV series and films continue to be an extremely popular trend not only among movie bosses, but also TV channel executives. According to the information portal The Hollywood Reporter , NBC has decided to once again try to reboot the popular television series of the mid-60s called " Monster Family " ...

Inspired by the original series, the sitcom follows an extraordinary family who, while staying true to themselves, struggle to fit in with hipster Brooklyn. The new version of the sitcom is being developed by Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live) and Jill Kargman (The Wrong Mom). Kargman has taken over the script and will also executive produce alongside Meyers and Michael Showmaker (The Cool). Production will be managed by Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions and Universal TV . The latter was also involved in the release of the original project, which was broadcast on the channel CBS in the mid-60s and has a total of 70 episodes.


In the center of the plot is theadventures of the eerie, but good-natured Munstrov family. The head of the family Herman is a complete analogue of the Frankenstein monster, his wife Lily and the father-in-law Transylvanian Count Dracula , whom everyone calls simply Grandpa , Are vampires, and the son of Eddie is a werewolf. The only “ugly duckling” in the family is Marilyn 's niece, the most ordinary girl.

In 2012, NBC already tried to reboot Monster Family under the direction of Brian Fuller (Hannibal, Heroes). The project, titled Mockingbird Lane ("Family of Monsters") received a very expensive pilot, the filming of which was led by Brian Singer ("X-Men: Apocalypse"). Unlike the original adventures of the Munster family and the reboot of the story from Kargman , Fuller 's version was supposed to be darker and more avant-garde, and the duration of episodes was increased from 30 minutes to one hour. The channel aired a pilot episode starring Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi and Eddie Izzard on Halloween, but in the end, NBC decided to close the project and not renew it to a full series.


This is the second reboot of the once popular show in recent years, announced by NBC . Last week it became known that the network plans to launch a new version of the iconic TV series of the 80s "Miami Police. Department of Morals ”, which will be produced by Vin Diesel and Chris Morgan.

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