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USAn Box Office made a hyper jump to infinity

Image For the first time since the beginning of June, the USA box office showed positive dynamics - the total box office was higher than in the same period last year. The third film from the rebooted Star Trek franchise, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, was able to help overcome the so-called curse of the sequels. Obviously, the audience missed the command of the ship " Enterprise ", because it was the collection of the film Justin Lin that turned out for the twenty strongest financially projects in the amount of 627 million rubles .

" Star Trek: Infinity " at the start raised 218 million rubles. , surpassing the indicators of the previous part of the film series, the film "Star Trek: Retribution" ( 193 million rubles. ), by 13% both in terms of audience size and in monetary terms. Now the project takes the twentieth place among all debuts of the current year and shares this position with the revived Independence Day ( 226 million rubles ), the third “Divergent” ( 211 million rubles.) and "Tarzan" ( 201 million rubles. ). This, of course, is a very modest achievement by the standards of blockbusters, but one must remember that " Star Trek " in our country is more related to niche cinema, mainly designed for fans of the saga, of whom there are much fewer in USA than at home captain Kirk .


The distributors of the fantastic tape were generally satisfied with the initial result - given the lack of big names in the cast, they relied on the scale of the story, epic space battles and really hardy humor, for which we should thank Simon Pegg, the performer of the role of Scotty ... By putting his hand to the script, the actor made " Star Trek " more friendly towards the uninitiated audience. At the same time, the director of the film Justin Lin was able to reject his fast and furious past and make it vigorous, but deep, intelligent and paying tribute to his rich film history.

ImageSurely Infinity is worth everyone earned ruble, which cannot be said about the owner of the second place of the five. The fifth part of the "Ice Age" lost a little more than 50% of the box office, in the second week it earned half as much as " Star Trek " ( 181 million rubles ) , but was noted for fees incommensurate with the quality of the cartoon. A catastrophically horrible animation product has currently collected 714 million rubles. and, according to analysts' forecasts, may well cross the billion dollar line.

A company of prehistoric animals led by the saber-toothed squirrel Scrat is proudly marching through domestic cinemas ahead of the schedule for Kung Fu Panda 3 ( 662 million rubles after the second weekend) and Angry birds in the cinema ”( 602 million rubles ). Nevertheless, the motley gang, whose ranks have grown significantly with many poorly prescribed newcomers, have not been able to catch up with their own achievements four years ago. "Continental drift" in July 2012 already boasted 1,097.5 million rubles . Let's hope that not only venomous reviews from critics, but also objective calculations will convince the creators of the franchise to stop production of the series on the film Mike Termeier and Galen T. Chu .

And we move on to the third place, where another newcomer of the rental has settled - the mystical horror " And the lights go out ... ". For the low-budget production project of James Wang, specialists predicted very modest fees - no more than 70-80 million rubles. on the premiere weekend. However, the film managed to surprise everyone: in the first four days it collected 107 million rubles. Horror even surpassed the indicators of the first part of The Conjuring ( 104 million rubles. ), thus becoming the third the most successful mystical horror movie in the history of USA distribution. Only Telekinesis ( 158 million rubles ) and “Deliver us from the evil one” ( 134 million rubles ) received more than it at the start.

No Light
Short Film

This is not surprising: the film is based on the truly creepy and ingeniously simple in design and execution of the short film "No Light" by David F. Sandberg . She could make the most fearless viewer jump in surprise, and therefore naturally received the Fright Meter Awards as the best short horror movie of 2014. The Swedish filmmaker was very lucky then - Hollywood producers drew attention to him, and he was able to move to a higher level. Not only was Sandberg entrusted with filming the full film himself, having placed at the disposal of the favorites of young people led by Teresa Palmer, but he is now also invited as a director in the series "The Curse of Annabelle.


Probably, the producers who have made this decision will be satisfied with the success of David in big cinema, because he managed to adopt all the best from the popular short film on the Web and create a scary, chamber and effective film in the spirit of horror of the 90s.

The fourth place in the top this week belongs to the dramedy " High Life ", dearly beloved by USA cinephiles Woody Allen . The indefatigable neurotic successfully releases one picture a year, while other directors painfully nurture their projects for decades. Financially, Woody's latest brainchild is unexpectedly the most successful of his films.

ImageReceived 36 million rubles is significantly higher than the first weekend earned "Magic of the Moonlight" ( 25 million rubles. ), "Midnight in Paris" ( 25 million rubles. ) and "Roman Adventures" ( RUB 24 million ).

In artistic terms, the tape is also good, although, like many later works by Allen , it is perceived without the former enthusiasm. Most critics agreed that the living classic has been telling the same story in different ways for several years, but they could not close their eyes to how masterly and witty he does it.

At the end of our review is the melodrama " See you ", which, to everyone's surprise, still stubbornly remains in the top five. The third week brought the authors of this romantic, optimistic story 18 million rubles. , and all in all, cute Emilia Clarke and charming Sam Claflin have already 228 million rubles .

It is interesting that this time more than half of the top is low-ambitious paintings that initially did not pretend to be gigantic.

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