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USAn Box Office: Pets Challenged Zootopia

Image A week ago, we wrote that the new animated comedy from the studio Illumination Entertainment " The Secret Life of Pets " demonstrated an incredible result. Then the pets failed to snatch the first place from the hands of the villains of the DC universe just because they came out only in previews. However, we predicted that as the number of copies to run and the number of cinemas increased, so would the chances of " Pets " winning. The box office results for the past period ( August 18-21 ) not only confirmed our expectations, but also brought information about new records.

Let's start with the fact that the cartoon Yarrow Cheney and Chris Reno on their officially first, and in fact on the second weekend, earned 635 million rubles . In total, on his account there are already 1.039 billion rubles. , which means that in such a short time on the screens of our country the project has become the tenth billionaire this year. He ousted from the dozens of leaders another animation film - "Ice Age: Collision is inevitable", which now has 977.8 million rubles. But more interesting is that this result turned out to be the best for the starting weekend among all cartoons. including the mega-popular and flattering reviews "Zootopia", which at one time debuted with 566 million rubles.

Further more. While the entire world film community started a discussion about the quality level of modern comic book adaptations, the soil for a fight between two animation heavyweights appeared in the domestic box office. The fact is that while maintaining viewers' interest in "The Secret Life " at the same level, this cartoon can compete with the aforementioned Disney project for the title of the highest grossing in history.

Let's remind that now in the piggy bank " Zootopia " 2.275 billion rubles. , and it is still very difficult to catch up. However, the distributors of " Secret Life ", realizing that their animals are not inferior to predators and herbivores who decided to live in peace and work side by side in the utopian city of the future, launched an advertising campaign with renewed vigor. It, coupled with positive reviews from critics and viewers, should whet the curiosity of those in the audience who have not yet appreciated the pets that have gone on a journey through the streets of New York. The situation in the rental schedule is also favorable - the closest strong and rated competitor of furry pets will be drawn on the horizon only on September 22 .

ImageInterestingly, the four-legged chased suicides far enough - they could not even for the second line and, as a result, there were two rogue buddies from the comedy " Guys with guns " on it. Ambiguous, funny, but at the same time quite immoral and, moreover, having problems with the presentation form, the film earned in the first week 121 million rubles. Tape of the director known from his bachelor parties in Vegas Todd Phillipsreached the same level with last year's "Vacation" ( 125.1 million rubles. ), the last "Agent 47" ( 126.1 million rubles. ) and a remake “On the crest of a wave” ( 115.1 million rubles ).
And yet this is a very good amount for another story about the American dream, from which no one expected any revelations. Even though she tries to be as witty as "The Wolf of Wall Street" and intimate like "The Short Game.

But in third place were the triumphants of the previous two weeks - government mercenaries from the Belle Reeve prison. Although interest in the sickly Harley Quinn , the apt Deadshot and the nervous and shocking Joker was rapidly falling, the criminals were able to take out more 94 million rubles .


Thus, they brought their overall figures to 1.493 billion rubles. , and the fantastic action movie David Eyre himself became the fourth most financially successful blockbuster in the CIS. Desperate bad guys could not deal only with the detective bunny Judy from Zootopia, who never stops talking to Deadpool and does not give up even in the face of danger in the form of a crumbling plane, Danila Kozlovsky. However, the latter, of course, will soon have to let the psychos from Midway City go ahead.

The fourth and fifth places are occupied by the family fantasy “ Pete and His Dragon ” and the crime biopic “ Undercover Scam ”, already in this top. The first has improved its financial position by 37 million rubles . However, the total amount - 178 million rubles. - has not yet saved the 65 millionth painting from failure. It's a pity that the touching, but not childishly serious and deep story, apparently, could not find its audience.


The situation with " Scam " is even worse, which is not surprising, because the entire promotional campaign of this drama was based only on the name of the unsurpassed Brian Cranston. Surely it was his participation that provided the project with additional 7 million rubles . All in all, there are 38 million rubles in the wallets of the creators of this film based on real events, and it is unlikely that it will last in the top five for another week.

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