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Science triumphs in the US box office

Image After distributors received the final results of the weekend before last, it turned out that the first place in the US box office went not to the blockbuster Rogue One. Star Wars Stories ”and the drama“ Hidden Figures ”. Last weekend ( January 13-15 ), the film Ted Melfi managed to maintain its leadership position.

Hidden Figures ended the weekend with $ 20.5 million , and now the drama already has $ 54.8 million in its piggy bank. Not only has the film earned more than double its production budget ( $ 25 million ), but it also remains among the top potential candidates for the Oscars .

The film about women mathematicians who were at the origin of the US space program has earned a lot of flattering reviews from critics. At first glance, the subject of the picture does not seem very suitable for a mass audience, but Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monet managed to create lively, funny and vivid images that resonated in the hearts of moviegoers.


Following "Hidden Figures" , another contender for the main film awards this season - the musical " La La Land ", is in the top 5. The film Damien Chazelle already boasts of winning seven Golden Globes , and journalists, not without reason, predict his success in the struggle for Oscars . Curiously, the picture was released in limited release a month and a half ago, and every week it received additional copies. At the moment, La-La Lenda as a result of this strategy has accumulated $ 74.1 million , of which $ 14.5 million was earned in the weekend.


If we add to this amount also $ 54.8 million received from viewers outside the United States, then $ 128.9 million will be released, and this with a small budget of $ 30 million . Ambitious, gorgeous, brilliant - what epithets do reviewers use when referring to La La Landa , and the audience can only enjoy this beautiful musical film production.


The third position was retained by the animation film " Sing ". Its main characters, dreaming of becoming famous, have achieved their goal - they have already grossed $ 233 million at home, taking into account the $ 13.81 million added over the weekend. Thanks to the rest of the countries, the film boasts an impressive amount of $ 397.3 million with a budget of $ 75 million , which is considered small in terms of the cost of modern cartoons.


Only the fourth place went to the Star Wars spin-off - Rogue One finished the weekend with a result of $ 13.76 million . In the US, the blockbuster Gareth Edwards grossed $ 498.9 million , and at the worldwide box office (taking into account household fees) it came close to the mark of $ 1 billion - now the painting has $ 980 million , but by the end of this week it should conquer the cherished milestone.


Closing the top five is the horror movie “ ByByMen ”, for which STX has chosen a successful strategy - the horror movie debuted at the box office on Friday the 13th. Such a move paid off - the film Stacy Title surpassed all expectations, starting with a mark of $ 13.4 million . At the same time, it received a very low rating of C from cinema visitors, and critics are skeptical about the tape. BybyMen , they say, is a byproduct of the success of films such as Babaduk and It, and will remind connoisseurs of the genre of a dozen, if not more, other horror films and their sequels. In general, the creation of Title can frighten only an inexperienced viewer, while the rest will cause laughter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman