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Lonely White Woman Looking For New Neighbor

Image Almost every day, Hollywood producers have an idea to reshoot one or another film. This fate befell the psychological thriller " The Lonely White Woman ": according to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , NBC ordered the script for the series based on the Barbett tape Schroeder.

The new drama will take place in San Francisco, while the original was set in New York. The swindler Khedra , using her old connections, goes to the rich Ellie , who is just looking for a new neighbor. However, the swindler soon begins to realize that her target is actually not as innocent as it seems at first glance, and in the person of Ellie Khedra she met her exact copy.

Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh starred in the 1992 film. With a budget of $ 16 million , the tape earned $ 48 million at the box office, and in 2005 its sequel - "Single White Woman 2: Psychosis" with Kristen Miller went straight to the video. The script for the television remake will be written by Eric Garcia ("Afro Samurai" / Afro Samurai ), he will also act as the executive producer of the project.


Rebooting famous films and TV series remains one of the priority directions on modern television. Currently, over a dozen of such projects are in the works for terrestrial and cable channels, among them - adaptations of "War of the Worlds", "The Departed", "Dynasty" ( Dynasty ) and many others.

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