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CBS Shares Los Angeles Secrets

Image As they say, everything new is well forgotten old. Recently, TV bosses have increasingly followed this rule and turned to stories long familiar and beloved by viewers. Hoping to breathe new life into the once popular and even cult projects, TV producers are restarting various shows, turning feature films into serials and, of course, not bypassing literary works.

According to the information portal Variety , the channel CBS is going to make a film adaptation of the novel by American writer James Ellroy entitled "Secrets of Los Angeles" . In the center of the story arethree homicide detectives, a reporter and a Hollywood actress, who intersect during the police pursuit of a serial maniac operating in Los Angeles in the 50s.

The show will be produced by New Regency , Lionsgate Television and CBS Television Studios , with Arnon Milchen (Pretty Woman, "Devil's Advocate"). The script for the future project will be directed by Jordan Harper, who worked on the CBS drama series The Mentalist and the crime action thriller Gotham, the fourth season of which starts in the second half of September on Fox .


James Ellroy's novel Los Angeles Secrets was first published in 1990. He became the third in a series entitled The Los Angeles Quartet , which explored life in the "City of Angels" in the 1940s and 1950s. Later, in 1997, the book formed the basis for the eponymous neo-noir film directed by Curtis Hanson, starring Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey, James Cromwell, Danny DeVito and Kim Basinger. The film was widely recognized by audiences and critics, earning nine Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. The coveted statuettes were eventually awarded to Kim Basinger for a supporting role and Curtis Hanson himself with Brian Helgeland for Best Adapted Screenplay.


This isn't the first time Los Angeles Secrets has been attempted to be brought to small screens. Following the success of the feature film, the pilot was directed with Kiefer Sutherland and Eric Roberts. It never got a full season sequel, but was included as a special addition to the DVD and Blu-ray editions of the film. In 2013, Ellroy independently tried to sell the rights to the continuation of the series to various channels, but could not find a home for the project.

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