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US Boxing Office refused from New Year's corporate party

Image Last weekend ( December 9-11 ) the North American box office remained calm - there were no high-profile premieres or financial records. And while potential contenders for the main cinematic awards, the drama "Manchester by the Sea" and the musical "La La Land", conquered a limited release, the only newcomer of the week, the comedy " New Year's Party ", failed to take the lead from " Moana ".

The cartoon Disney has occupied the first position in the financial rating for the third week in a row. Last weekend, the tape lost a relatively small percentage of its receipts, only 33%, and deservedly added $ 18.8 million to its piggy bank.

Unsurprisingly, Moana , longlisted for the animated Oscar , continues to lead the box office. According to critics, an unconventional heroine, musical accompaniment written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has already been dubbed the second Alan Menken, and a beautiful picture make the cartoon Disney one of the best representatives of the genre in recent years.


As early as next weekend, Moana will, of course, have to give up the Star Wars spin-off, but House of Mouse will only continue to strengthen its leadership among the Hollywood majors.

Comedy "New Year's Party" had to be content with only the second place in the financial standings. The film Josh Gordon and Will Speck managed to get close to Moana , but the amount of $ 17.5 million was not enough in order to overtake a Polynesian sailor. The tape also cannot boast of the location of the viewers - they gave it an average rating of B . Journalists predict that "New Year's Party" will end its trip to US cinemas in the same way as "Wedding Frenzy" and "Actively Searching" - at $ 46 million .


The comedy also caused mixed feelings among critics: the strong point of the film they call its cast, but the weak is the stupid script. However, there are enough jokes in the picture, vulgar and not so much, to grab the attention of the viewer. The main thing when watching is to feel the spirit of Christmas and enjoy the office madness happening on the screen.


Fantasy " Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them " has dropped to third place - Newt Scamander conjured an additional $ 10.8 million for the film David Yates . At home, the film is close to the mark of $ 200 million , and at the moment it has $ 199.3 million on its account. However, this amount is only a third of what grateful viewers have paid back to Warner Bros. Studios for returning to the magical world of J.K. Rowling. Worldwide, the tape is now an impressive $ 680 million .


Fantastic Beasts in the top 5 is followed by the drama Arrival . Last weekend, viewers forked out another $ 5.6 million for the sake of watching the tape Denis Villeneuve . The film earned almost double the production budget ( $ 47 million ) in home theaters - it has an asset of $ 81.5 million . At the same time, American critics also named Arrival as the best science fiction film of the year.


Closes today's review " Doctor Strange ", easily ousted from the top of the "Allies". The blockbuster has mastered an additional $ 4.6 million , bringing its total result in the North American box office to $ 222.4 million , and thanks to the help of overseas audiences, the film can even boast of the fact that in terms of financial ranked seventh among all Marvel comics.

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Author: Jake Pinkman