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10 Cloverfield Director Reveals Houdini's Secrets

Image Dan Traktenberg 's directorial debut in big-screen cinema can be called very successful - the film "Cloverfield 10" not only performed well at the box office, grossing $ 71.9 million on a budget of $ 15 million , but also earned a lot of positive feedback from the professional community. Surprisingly, until now, Traktenberg has not received any offers from major Hollywood studios.

However, as Deadline has learned, the director is currently in talks with Lionsgate to lead the Harry Houdini movie. The screenplay was written by Noah Oppenheim ("The Maze Runner"), who adapted the novel by William Kalush and Larry Broken The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero ( The Secret Life of Houdini: The First American Superhero ).

The book Kalush and Broken describes in detail the life of Harry Houdini , which has already been told more than once in literature, film and television. The work devotes the reader to the details of what prompted Houdini to perform dangerous stunts, and also reveals the details of his secret life as a spy. Harry went from a desperate poor man to a famous illusionist, and his enemies were adherents of spiritualism, whom Houdini exposed, representing in the public eye as charlatans.


Hollywood has been trying to make a film about Houdini for a long time - the first information about the project appeared back in 2011. When Dean Parisot ("RED 2") planned to take the director's chair, Johnny Depp was invited to play the main role, but work on the picture was suspended.

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Author: Jake Pinkman