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Taron Edgerton will sing instead of Tom Hardy

Image According to the information portal The Playlist , the biopic of the popular British singer and composer Sir Elton John entitled "The Rocket Man" is planned to be replaced. The star of the Kingsman franchise Taron Edgerton is in talks to star in the film.

Initially, the image of the musician on the screen was to be embodied by Tom Hardy ("Survivor", "Taboo"). The choice was very controversial: a powerful and pumped up actor bears little resemblance to John . But to the movie bosses a few years ago, this casting seemed the best. The entire film crew was pleased with the candidacy of Tom Hardy , referring to him as a very talented and versatile actor who can transform into any character.


The film was supposed to begin shooting in 2014, but it turned out that something Hardy is still missing. It turned out that he was not the most gifted singer, and work on the project stalled. But now, apparently, the stars have come together and the biopic about the legendary performer has a chance to see the light of day. Edgerton is doing much better with music: last year he not only voiced the gorilla Johnny , one of the characters in the musical animated film "Sing", but also sang for him. By the way, just the song Elton John .


Shooting will be directed by Dexter Fletcher, who directed Theron in the dramedy Eddie The Eagle. It will be produced by Elton John himself, along with Matthew Vaughan (Kingsman: The Golden Ring). Based on a script by Oscar nominee Lee Hall ("Billy Eliot", "War Horse"), the film tells about the artist's childhood, creative partnership with Bernie Taupin, the path to fame and becoming a musical legend, despite various difficulties and the controversy surrounding him.

There is no information about the start date of filming yet. Meanwhile, Edgerton can be seen in the continuation of the adventures of agents Kingsman , where Elton John will also appear in a cameo.

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