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Gene Wilder passed away

Image At the age of 84, the actor, director and screenwriter, the legend of the comedy genre Gene Wilder , has passed away. The cause of death was complications caused by Alzheimer's disease.

Gene Wilder (real name - Jerome Silberman ) was born on June 11, 1933 to Genie and William J. Silberman ... Wilder 's professional acting career began on the stage. In 1963, when Gene took part in the Broadway production of Mother Courage , he met with Mel Brooks, who later played an important role in the creative career of Wilder .

Gene continued to play in the theater, simultaneously acting on television, and already in 1967 the actor made his debut in a big movie - he appeared in the cult film "Bonnie and Clyde" as one of the hostages of the legendary criminals. The following year saw the release of the first joint project between Wilder and Mel Brooks - the comedy Producers, which brought Gene his first Oscar " .


A few years later, the actor embodied on the screens one of his most memorable images - his eccentric pastry chef from the picture "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is known for more than one generation. Wilder has a successful duet with comedian Richard Pryor, with whom he has played in several films, including "Rampant" and "See Nothing, Hear Nothing.


Wilder was not only a great actor, but also made films and wrote scripts himself. In the past 20 years, Gene has rarely appeared in film or television, but in 2002 he received an award for a guest role on the series "Will & Grace" ( Will & Grace ) Emmy . It was rumored that Steven Spielberg suggested that Wilder remember the past and take part in the filming of Prepare Player One, but it never came true ...

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