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Vin Diesel is out for blood

Image Valiant announced the creation of a universe based on its own comics back in 2015. Then the publishing house made a deal with the studio Sony, planning to launch a new superhero franchise. The first major was going to adapt the graphic novel "Harbinger", intending to present in the film the main character of another project - Angelo Mortalli from "Bloody Shot".

So far, none of the films has made any progress in implementation, but Vin Diesel is now interested in the adaptation of "Bloody Shot", which has been developed over the years. The portal The Wrap reports. However, he is not the first to be tipped for the role of Mortalli. Previous candidates included Oscar Isaac, James McAvoy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicholas Hoult, Mark Wahlberg, and in July Jared Leto negotiated with Sony.

The comic, created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Gichet, is about a former soldier who, thanks to nanites in his blood, has the ability to regenerate. He has superpowers and can control various electronic devices, but after a series of experiments, the main character lost his memory, which prompted him to go on the warpath against his own employers. Seven years ago, Matthew Vaughn planned to lead the film, later replaced by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, but now "Bloody Shot" is in the hands of visual effects specialist Dave Wilson. The screenplay is written by Erik Heisserer (Arrival) and produced by Neil H. Moritz.


Vin Diesel has an interesting history of relations with franchises under his belt. If "The Fast and the Furious" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" won success with the audience, then the popularity of "Riddick" and "Three X's" has long been on the decline, and "The Last Witch Hunter" completely failed at the box office, and did not start a new film series.

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