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USAn Box Office: ”Baby on a Drive” came to the finish line first

Image For the past two weeks, the box office in USA has been holding in the region of 630 million rubles. , but this weekend the box office again disappointed distributors. Spectators who found time to look into cinemas and take a break from the preparatory bustle associated with the upcoming academic year brought the distributors 569 million rubles.

The five leaders of the last summer weekend were, as expected, headed by the crime musical action movie " Baby on a Drive ". The main role in the film went to Ansel Elgort, the star of the Divergent franchise and the teenage drama Fault in the Stars, and Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, as well as Lily James, Jon Hamm and Ace Gonzalez. The story about a young guy named Kid , who loves stylish music, fast driving, adrenaline and helps bandits escape from the crime scene, earned at the start 156 million rubles.

Critics and audiences in general reacted very favorably to the new film by the master of black humor Edgar Wright, noting the director's fresh non-standard look at the crime genre, original visuals and acting of the cast, in particular Elgort , which did not get lost at all on the background of such famous actors as Spacey , Fox and Hamm . Also, everyone appreciated the high-quality action scenes, playing around with numerous cliches, an unusual ending for this kind of films, and, of course, a gorgeous soundtrack that plays, perhaps, the main role in the film. Music here not only accompanies the video sequence - the director around it builds everything that happens. Moreover, it is simply impossible to sit still without swinging your leg in time to the hits of Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys, Blur, T. Rex or Queen.

In terms of premiere fees, the film about a driver obsessed with music has outpaced such recent summer novelties as Explosive Blonde ( 95 million rubles ), The Killer's Bodyguard ( 102 million rubles ) and Dunkirk ( RUB 145 million ). For the films of Edgar Wright himself, this is just a great start. "The Kid" was the first director's work directed in the USA, before that the British Wright made films in his homeland. His latest film, the fantastic action comedy "Armageddian" with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, raised 10 million rubles in 2013 during the first weekend. , "Scott Pilgrim against all" seven years ago at the start mastered almost 13 million rubles. , and "Kinda cool cops" in 2010 began with a mark of 11 million rubles.

The USA comedy with Alexander Revva “ Grandmother of easy virtue ” has risen to the second place in the financial rating from the third. The collection of the film fell by 40% compared to last week and amounted to 74 million rubles. In total, in the piggy bank of the new creation of Marius Weisberg, despite a large number of negative reviews, at the moment 263 million rubles. The production and marketing of the tape took about 100 million rubles. , however, the creators and distributors have already made a profit and are planning to continue.

The third place is taken by the leader of the last weekend, the animated film " Emoji Movie ". The journey of a smiley named Jin around the country Textopolis in search of an application that will help him change and respond, like his brothers, for just one emotion, earned 278 million rubles Last weekend brought the film an additional 68 million rubles.


In fourth place, again with a very small margin, is the space action movie Luc Besson with Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne in the lead roles. " Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets " has been in the top for the third week and brought the creators a total of 757 million rubles. The number of viewers who came to the show last weekend decreased by two times compared to last week, but they added another 67 million rubles to the film's piggy bank. In general, the USA audience liked the fantastic film by the French master. The film's box office has already surpassed the total box office of such spring-summer releases as Guy Ritchie's latest work "The Sword of King Arthur" ( 727 million rubles ), the final part of the trilogy about the planet of the apes ( 689 million rubles. ) and Cars 3 ( 618 million rubles

Closing the top five is another animated film, this week's novelty - " Real Squirrel 2 ". The continuation of the adventures of the squirrel Angry and his friends, who this time had to save their house, earned at the start 56 million rubles. This is somewhat worse than the premiere results of the first part of the franchise. In 2013, cartoon lovers brought the film by Peter Lepeniotis 69 million rubles. for the first weekend, all in all, the adventures of the tailed friends raised 170 million rubles. It is likely that viewers will still show interest to the sequel this week, the weekend of which falls on the beginning of the school year and Knowledge Day.

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