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Hallucinating Cumberbatch and McDonagh without Gleason: Watch This Week

Image Doctor Strange finally opens at our box office next week. And a dozen other new products that will try to compete with him - if not separately, then at least by joint efforts. Although this is unlikely, given the degree of expectation of Benedict Cumberbatch, which has risen to dangerous limits, in the form of a powerful magician.

If, for some strange and in no way justifying reason, you still do not know what kind of doctor this is and what the magic has to do with it, we inform you: the main novelty of the fall, or even the whole year, is another film comic strip of the studio Marvel , which will differ from the previous ones with an emphasis on fantasy. And even if you are not a fan of picture-book films, Strange is worth paying attention to, if only for its powerful cast, which, in addition to Cumberbatch , included Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton.

A quick review of the press allows us to conclude that the efforts of Marvel were not in vain. The impossible is possible - this conveyor is still capable of producing something impressive and surprising to the audience on the big screens. What's so special about this studio's 14th film? Early reviewers argue that the aforementioned emphasis on fantasy makes Scott Derrickson's painting special. Despite the fact that the first trailers for "Doctor Strange" made many viewers recall Nolan's "Inception" and even hint at the secondary nature (all these folding buildings and so on - have already seen, let's go on), critics unanimously praise the hallucinogenic the beauty of the film.

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It turns out that "Doctor" really deserves to be seen in IMAX and 3D formats, especially if you were fond of the works of the liar Carlos Castaneda and were going to Mexico for peyote. But do not let all these odes to the trip movie scare away the old-school fans of movie comics: branded action, humor, Easter eggs, Stan Lee's cameo and after-credits scenes, no one is going to deprive you.

Girl on the Train
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The closest competitor to Cumberbatch at the box office was the fragile Emily Blunt. In the adaptation of the bestseller "The Girl on the Train" , she will have to spy something through the train window and lead the viewer through a series of terrible secrets to a shocking ending. The film, which in terms of the level of suspense and gloomy atmosphere, was at first tried to be compared with "Gone Girl" by David Fincher, in fact looks a little weaker. Blunt did a great job, but it was too little to camouflage plot holes and make dull dialogue tense enough for a thriller. Thus, it is unlikely that this train will be able to keep up with the impetuous neurosurgeon who drank secret tea and set off on a journey to other worlds.

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“I’ve always wondered: if you knock down a mime, will it make a sound?”... UK cinema will delight cinephiles with the crime comedy “War Against All” by director John Michael McDonagh (“ Once Upon a Time in Ireland "). The film is about a couple of police officers from Albuquerque, for whom corruption is just one of the mechanisms of work and an integral part of the profession. And this will continue until they come across a person who is not happy with this state of affairs. Despite the fact that the filming of the tape took place not in Ireland, and there is no Brendan Gleason in the cast, McDonn safely retains the spirit of his previous work. Black humor, biting dialogues, curious situations and a light touch of Tarantinoism - all this will certainly appeal to real fans of British cinema.<

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Another representative of Europe in our box office is the Franco-Belgian drama "The Dancer" based on real events. The action of the tape starts in 1887. Marie-Louise buries her father and travels to New York to her mother. There she is going to fulfill her old dream - to dance professionally and perform on stage. Ahead of the main character, many trials await, including moving to Paris and meeting the legendary Isadora Duncan. The film premiered this year in Cannes, where it was nominated for a Golden Camera for Best Directorial Debut.


And at once four USA projects will try to snatch their share of the profit next week. Hammer is a sports drama about Viktor Stroyev , who is preparing for the ultimate fighting championship. He has every chance of winning a fair fight, but his ambitious rivals intend to resort to extreme measures. They kidnap the protagonist's beloved and try to force him to drain the fight by blackmail. Victor , of course, does not intend to bargain. Starring - Chadov, Shagin and Akinshina.


The Source is a melodrama about a typical representative of the golden youth, who, on his important business, went to one remote village and tasted a completely different life there. Real - with well water, sweet forest berries, live bears and a beautiful girl Alena. Alena never in her life drew eyebrows on her eyebrows and did not glue her nails over her nails, which finally charmed her strange city guest.


The third domestic premiere, the comedy Hack Bloggers , will try to make you laugh by playing with the theme of the Internet's key importance in the lives of modern teenagers. Using modern technology, teenagers can not only be successfully manipulated, but also completely destroy the life of some owner of a fragile brain who imagines himself to be an Internet star. The creators of the comedy hope they managed to make a funny movie about it. And finally, a project called "Commander of the North Star" will try to interest the audience in the adventures of the navigator Semyon Chelyuskin .

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In the documentary sector next week, the exciting Czech film of 2015 Aldabra. Journey to a mysterious island " , having attended a session of which you can observe exotic animals in their natural habitat. Brave little turtles, cute crabs and pot-bellied perches are in danger in the form of bloodthirsty sharks at every turn, but the main danger, which they do not even suspect, is the potential disappearance of the Aldabra island itself in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Don't miss the opportunity to see this beauty in 3D.

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Viewers who are not allowed to go to Doctor Strange due to their age (and they would not have gone to all the other premieres presented even with free popcorn) can make a big doggy escape together with the characters of the cartoon of the same name. The plot revolves around a good-natured beagle named Ozzy , whom the owners rent to an elite dog spa hotel during their holidays. In fact, this recreational facility turns out to be a real dog prison. After looking around and making a decision, Ozzy motivates his inmates to the most daring (in the history of dog pseudo shelters) escape ...

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