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Transformers & Tango: Watch This Week

Image While moviegoers rejoice in the summer, Hollywood majors continue to release large-scale projects with enviable regularity. Next week, the overwhelming majority of viewers will once again go to the movies on aliens from Cybertron , to once again curse Michael Bay. However, for those who are indifferent to the confrontation between Autobots and Decepticons, distributors will offer several interesting alternatives.

Michael Bay even after the third part of "Transformers" promised to "quit", and now the fifth is coming out. Either the bosses of Paramount are so good at persuading, or the director is afraid to entrust the helm to someone else, but the fact remains that next weekend The Last Knight will dominate at the box office ...

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Mr. Bay promises that he will not take pictures of transformers anymore, but he has no faith in this matter for a long time. The Last Knight is notable for others: firstly, Sir Anthony Hopkins himself starred in one of the main roles. And secondly, a few months ago he published an open letter, where, "being in a sober mind and sound memory," he called Michael Bay a genius. Perhaps, going to the new part is worth at least in order to find out whether the great artist spoke from the heart or just wanted to joke.


Pavel Grigorievich Chukhrai has already told us a story about a man who came up with an ingenious way of taking funds from the Soviet population. He also talked about Igor Petrenko behind the wheel of an official car. The director concludes his original "Soviet trilogy" with the tape Cold Tango , where the guilty and innocent during the war are at the forefront. It would seem that some are defending the house, others are following orders, others are taking revenge for the past. Everyone has their own motivation, no one is to blame. However, blood flows like a river, and in the center of this meat grinder there are lovers who are on opposite sides of the barricades. We'll find out next week if love is also to blame.

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Two handsome Frenchmen Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard will appear on the screens as ... French actors Guillaume and Marion . The film Forever Young (not to be confused with the film about the frozen Gibson) is an experiment in which two screen stars decided to laugh at themselves. And not only over myself, but also over popularity, relationships and cinema. The experiment is full of specific French humor, and whether it succeeded or remained an interesting idea, it will be known after June 22.

Image Anthropoid ribbon with Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan in the lead roles is another experiment. Three countries - Czech Republic, Great Britain, France - have teamed up to tell the story of Nazi Germany, with the involvement of actors from the United States. Such a multinational composition of creators already deserves attention. In addition, there are twice as many negative reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregator. In the picture, according to tradition, some are for, others are against. As the classic said, the main thing is not to remain indifferent. How to perceive the historical film about the assassination of an SS general, everyone will decide for himself next week.

The tape "I want and will jump off" from the homeland of Fellini and spaghetti will tell about a team of scientists who followed the example of Mr. Walter White - exchanged science for crime. But given the comedy genre, problems are likely to be tackled in unexpected ways. By the way, many critics noted the unpredictable plot twists and the great sense of humor of its creators.

In short, next week everyone who is indifferent to Michael Bay's badabum will have plenty to choose from.

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Author: Jake Pinkman