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Casting: Astronaut Bernthal and the hapless Keanu Reeves

Image When John Bernthal is not busy exterminating criminals in the guise of the Punisher , he is filmed in full-length films. The actor has just finished filming the crime thriller "Widow", but has already found a new project for himself, as reported by the portal Deadline .

According to the source, Bernthal was included in the cast of the biographical drama " The First Man ". Damien Chazelle will be in charge. The film will tell about the preparations and space flights that led to the fact that Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon.

Ryan Gosling will play Armstrong in the film, while Bernthal will play Dave Scott - the former pilot and astronaut who accompanied Armstrong during the flight Gemini 8 . The cast will include Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll and Claire Foy, with Chazelle slated to begin filming in November.

This year, a number of films featuring John Bernthal were released, including Pilgrimage, Shot Into The Void, Baby Drive and Windy River, and by the end of the year viewers must see the actor in "The Punisher".


They shared the set three times - during the work on Dracula, The Private Life of Pippa Lee and The Blur, and now Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder will be replaced by gothic horrors and fiction for a romantic comedy. It is reported that the actors will star in the film Destination Wedding .

The scriptwriter and director of the film is Victor Levin ("From 5 to 7, Time for lovers"), and its events revolve around two unfortunate and unpleasant guests of a luxurious wedding, who, tired of others, suddenly begin to feel feelings for each other, despite their unbearable nature ... But succumbing to emotions means making a choice in favor of hope, not life experience, which, according to the characters, is a stupid decision.


Keanu Reeves has a thriller "Siberia" among the future projects, and Winona Ryder can be seen in the second season of "Mysterious Events" in a couple of months. The date of the premiere of the joint film of the actors has not yet been determined.

In late July, it became known that Nicholas Hoult would play the young J.R.R. Tolkien in the writer’s biopic , and now it is reported that his on-screen partner will be Lily Collins . The director's chair of the drama is assigned to the House of Karukoski ("Heart of the Lion"), and the film will focus on the early years of Tolkien , who found friendship, love and a source of inspiration in a circle of like-minded people. However, the First World War soon broke out, and the partnership came to an end.


Collins got the role of Edith Bratt - the beloved of Tolkien , his wife and muse, who became the prototype of the elven princesses from the writer's books. Anthony Boyle has also joined the cast of the biopic, but there is no information about his character yet.

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