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Luck doesn't live here. Windy River Trailer

Image The world premiere of Windy River directed by Taylor Sheridan took place this winter at the Sundance Independent Film Festival, and recently the atmospheric thriller was also presented to the Cannes Film Festival. Both there and there the picture was received with a bang - critics appreciated not only the acting of Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, but also the colorful portrait of the American hinterland, as well as the depth of character development and the impressive cinematography by Ben Richardson ("Beasts of the Wild South").

The plot of the tape revolves around the hunter Corey Lambert , who lives near a remote Indian reservation called the Windy River. Corey finds the corpse of a young girl in a snowy forest, and later it turns out that she was not just frozen, but was raped and brutally killed. A young and inexperienced FBI agent Jane Banner is taken to investigate this case. She enlists the support of a hunter, for whom the capture of a criminal becomes a matter of honor, because several years ago, under similar circumstances, he lost his own daughter.

According to reviewers, Sheridan , known for his scripts for the acclaimed crime thrillers "Killer" and "At Any Cost", has managed to produce high-quality spectator films with a powerful story and believable characters. For all the simplicity of the plot, Windy River raises a number of complex topics that touch upon the problems of the inhabitants of the other side of America - provincial cities where there is no work, no entertainment, no prospects. And if people with a correctly tuned moral compass in such a situation try to somehow survive, then desperate criminal elements turn into real monsters ...

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The premiere of the film in USA is scheduled for August 10.

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