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Fox still hasn't decided the fate of X-Men

Image While Deadpool and his fans rejoice at the news that 20th Century Fox intends to film an entire trilogy about the character, X-Men are still awaiting a verdict regarding their fate. Although the blockbuster subtitled "Apocalypse" brought profit to the major, its achievements are still not comparable with the results of "Days of Future Past", and critics were not enthusiastic about the latest film in the franchise.

According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the curator of the universe Simon Kinberg has already begun work on the script for the seventh X-Men . Earlier there were even rumors that the action of the next part would unfold in the 90s. The problem is that the contracts for Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were only for three films. Given the demand for actors, Fox bosses will have to decide whether they are willing to spend money on bringing stars back to the franchise. In addition, interest in X-Men from viewers is gradually fading away.

Of course, Fox has another option - to use young mutants from Apocalypse in the seventh installment. According to the source, the project will be something like a reboot - roughly the same the studio did with the franchise, presenting the public with "First Class".


If the leadership of Fox still decides to continue the film series, he will have to look for a replacement for Brian Singer. He, according to the source, does not plan to return to work on the franchise - the filmmaker has already switched his attention to other projects and recently agreed to lead the filming of the biopic Freddie Mercury.

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Author: Jake Pinkman