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Casting: Angel, Demon and Beloved Nosferatu

Image At the beginning of the year, it became known that the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's " Good Omens " received support from the online service Amazon and BBC Studios . According to the portal Variety , the creators of the adaptation have found actors for the main roles in the series - David Tennant ("Jessica Jones") and Michael Sheen ("Another World").

The original work, co-written by Gaiman and with Sir Terry Pratchett, is a dark, philosophical and humorous story about the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley enjoying life on Earth to the fullest. However, the appearance of Antichrist does not bode well for them - the Apocalypse is coming, and then the fun and carefree life will end. Once upon a time, Terry Gilliam was going to film Good Omens along with Johnny Depp and Robin Williams, but the project had to be postponed due to the tragedy of September 11th.

Michael Sheen gets the role of campy Aziraphale , but Tennant will try on the image of Crowley . The script for all episodes is written by Gaiman himself, and the series will premiere next year. It will first be available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers and later on BBC .


The horror film The Witch made Ani Taylor-Joy a rising Hollywood star, and after that she managed to get several enviable roles. Anya played one of the victims of a maniac in the thriller "Split" and is preparing to try on a superhero costume in "New Mutants". In addition, the list of plans for the future Taylor-Joy has been replenished with another joint project with the director of The Witches Robert Eggers - the actress is in talks to take part in the filming of a remake of the silent film " Nosferatu Symphony of Horror ".


Eggers will direct and write the film. The details of the plot are kept secret, but it is known that the tape is a new version of the story of Count Orlok from Transylvania, who plans to buy a house in Germany and falls in love with the wife of his real estate agent. She is likely to be played by Taylor-Joy .


Jamie Kennedy ("Son of the Mask") joins the cast of science fiction epic " To the Stars ", where he will accompany Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga and Donald Sutherland ... The director's chair will be taken by James Gray (Lovers). The project is described as an adventure film about a man's journey through the rebellious and unforgiving solar system in search of his missing father - a defector scientist who poses a threat to all of humanity.

Kennedy got the role of Peter Bello - a sergeant from a base on Mars, sent into space indefinitely.

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