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Fox Pig Comrade

Image The animation department of the studio 20th Century Fox has decided to bring the characters of the short animated film " The Dam Keeper " to the big screen, reports Variety . The original film competed for the “ Oscar ” award in 2015, but lost the title of the best animated short to Disney's “Menu”.

The work on the project will take place with the active participation of the creators of a small cartoon masterpiece - the company Tonko House , which was founded in 2014 by Robert Kondo and Daizuke Tsutsumi. A duo of former art directors of Pixar Studios came up with the plot of " The Dam Keeper " while working on the cartoon "Monsters University". Kondo and Tsutsumi not only wrote the script for the short film themselves, but also acted as its directors. Now, 20th Century Fox Animation has asked them to create a full-length version of a true friendship story.

The main character of " Dam Keeper " was a pig, who every day was forced to operate an old windmill in order to dispel deadly clouds of black smoke. Despite heroic efforts to save his hometown, he constantly became the object of ridicule from his peers. Pig got a long-awaited chance to find a friend when a new student came to their class ...


If the original 18-minute film about the friendship between a pig and a fox did not have any dialogue, then the new version of "The Dam Keeper " will give viewers the opportunity to hear the voices of the main characters. Reportedly, Kondo and Tsutsumi also intend to move away from hand-drawn animation in favor of computer graphics.


Robert and Daizuke are currently working on a comic strip based on their short. In the near future, they will also start creating a 10-episode animated series about the heroes of the “Dam Keeper ”, which the online service Hulu decided to support.

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