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USAn Box Office: Dory Snatches Victory in Sequel Fight

Image Remember how much happiness the animated masterpiece “Finding Nemo” from the studio Pixar , which has long been considered the main supplier of not only colorful graphics, but also strong, soulful stories, brought us in due time? 13 years later, the major, having joined forces with the House of Mouse who bought it, decided to repeat the success of the adventures of the little clownfish. However, the USA box office shows that the companies in their new project “ Finding Dory ” did not succeed in everything.

Firstly, the third summer weekend ( June 16-19 ) showed a decline in profit compared to the previous period, and secondly, it became the worst since the beginning of May. The twenty most successful paintings jointly earned 657 million rubles. , and the forgetful blue fish-surgeon did not save the situation in this regard. During the premiere weekend, the heroine, who is looking for her parents, earned only 214 million rubles . If the creators of the family comedy were counting on nostalgic and mature fans of the original, then they too delayed with the sequel (aka spin-off). On the other hand, modern children were delighted with the cartoon with bright animation, funny characters, touching story and unobtrusive crown moral.


Nevertheless, let's return to the field of cold-blooded calculations. Of course, we will not compare the financial achievements of " Dory " and " Nemo " - inflation has done its job, - but with last year's projects Pixarsome parallels can be drawn. Analysts assure that Andrew Stanton and Angus McLane will never catch up with the winner of the last ceremony " Oscar " - "Puzzle" only on the territory of our country 1.066 billion rubles . But the disastrous "Good Dinosaur" with its 349.8 million rubles she can get around it. Moreover, according to forecasts, she will be able to do this by the end of next weekend.

ImageAnother sequel appeared on the second line of the box office. Only if “ In Search of Dory ”, although it came out dramatically weaker than its predecessor, did not yield to him in the courage and breadth of the topics raised, then “ The Illusion of Deception 2 ” was almost unanimously recognized by critics and the audience a step back. The authors of the sequel are blamed for the fact that the story turned out to be very crumpled, did not bring anything new to the franchise and sinned with plot repetitions of the original. The crime thriller John M. Chu is even called by many as the worst movie about magicians, because the basis of most of the tricks in it is such a magical thing as editing.

Despite these attacks, " Illusion of Deception 2 " cleverly fished out additional 158 million rubles from movie fans' wallets, thus raising its cash register to 808 million rubles. Nothing less than the sequel took the tenth place in the rating of the most successful releases of the current year. Probably, the whole point is that viewers simply love films about masterly thefts, brilliant scams and gambling business like "Prestige", "Twenty-one" and "The Illusionist". But with all its stellar cast, in which there was a place for Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman, the new " Illusion of Deception " still falls short of the aforementioned examples of the genre.

We haven't seen a horror movie in the top 5 for a long time. Horror James Wan " Conjuring 2 " corrects the situation - on the third line we find another sequel, which earned in the first four days 114 million rubles. This amount is still far from the result of the first part of the film series, which closed in the USA box office with 326.5 million rubles . But due to the lack of competitors in the niche, this week is unlikely to be the last in the top five for the second " The Conjuring ".


Chances are added to the horror story by the reaction of reviewers who are not stingy with praise for a truly scary film, which are rare today. Many people say that James Wan managed to enter the same river twice and, despite the monstrous timing, keep the audience in suspense until the last minutes.

Not as well as we would like, things are going for the owner of the fourth place in our today's financial standings. The ironic, witty and driving crime comedy " Nice Guys " earned only 56 million rubles for its official debut, and in fact the second after the previews of the weekend. It is not surprising, because the negligible number of copies is to blame - 949 versus 2100 for the same “ Illusion of deception ”.

ImageWhat are distributors guided by when distributing sessions between new products? After all, it is obvious that the homerically funny and enchantingly lucky duo of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling deserved more attention from cinephiles. The buddy movie Shane Black , of course, rose from the fifth step, which he got a week ago, but 100 million rubles is not at all the amount that can express how original this retro detective.

Closing our review is the fantasy thriller " Warcraft ", which has never ceased to be a bone of contention for critics, fans of the underlying video game and a simple, uninitiated audience in the intricacies of this universe. Here we are not going to once again revise all the advantages and disadvantages of the film adaptation, but rather draw your attention to the fact that, having deposited another 35 million rubles , the film Duncan Jonesovercame the amount of 1.425 billion rubles. . This made him the fourth in the 2016 hit rating. Ahead of the warlike orcs only the inhabitants of Zootopia ( 2.275 billion rubles. ), the impudent talker in latex ( 1.767 billion rubles. ) and the bats Danila Kozlovsky ( 1.501 billion rubles. ).

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