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Shazam will be part of the DC MCU

Image Although the official announcement of the adaptation of the comic " Shazam " took place back in October 2014, for a long time there were rumors in the air that the film would not be included in the DC cinematic universe. The grounds for doubt arose after insiders announced the imposition of the so-called "policy of seriousness" by Warner Bros. management, due to which its film comics were to be significantly different from the studio pictures Marvel . However, critics soon began to accuse the film adaptations of DC graphic novels of being too dark, which forced WB bosses to add a fair amount of humor to Suicide Squad.

It seems that an unexpected change in the direction of development of the franchise has finally helped to decide the fate of " Shazam ", whose creators originally intended to rely on comedic elements. In an interview with Newsweek , Dani Garcia , producer and part-time manager of actor Dwayne Johnson, who received the role of a villain in the film adaptation of the popular comic book, spoke about the place of the film in the DC cinematic universe. nicknamed Black Adam .

Shazam ”will exist in the same world as the rest of DC films, Garcia admitted. -At the same time, our project will receive sufficient autonomy, since a completely different team of producers will be involved in the work on it. We immediately set a condition that we will take part in the creation of this tape only if we get full control over it.


We already have several scripts on hand, but we will not rush to launch the film into production. First you need to make sure the text is polished to a shine. We will not mindlessly copy the existing superhero blockbusters, but we will definitely study the experience of their creators in order to understand which aspects of these films the audience reacted best to. "

Shazam will be released in USA on April 5, 2019 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman