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Back to the past

Image Director Nacho Vigalondo's latest work, the action comedy My Monster Girl, is an original homage to the Godzilla films. Critics praised the picture, and the doors of major Hollywood film studios opened in front of Vigalondo. As The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, Sony was the first in line.

It is reported that the major, with the support of Robert Kirkman's company, is going to film the graphic novel The Comeback ("The Return" *). Vigalondo himself will handle the adaptation of the comic strip and will subsequently lead the filming. Kirkman is also the producer of the future tape.

The original has already earned comparisons to the movie Time Loop. The main characters, agents Seth and Mark, work for an organization called Reconnect, which offers to change lives for the better for a fee. Do you want to return a mother, wife, brother, father or child who left the world early due to some kind of tragedy? Contact Reconnect and the best agents will travel back in time to change the past minutes before the death of your loved ones. One day the mission of the partners fails: Seth meets a version of himself from the future. Now they are forced to flee not only from the FBI, which is interested in the illegal activities of their employers, but also from the company itself, which wants to protect their dirty secrets at any cost.


Nacho Vigalondo is also known for filming segments of the horror anthologies ABC of Death and Z / L / L: New Virus. The director also dealt with time travel: in 2007 his fantastic drama Time Loop was released in Spain.

* - preliminary translation.

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