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DC fires blank

Image Yesterday's news of Walter Hamada's appointment as curator of the DC Cinematic Universe gave audiences hope that the seasoned producer will finally be able to bring order to the popular superhero franchise.

In recent years, Warner Bros. took into development more than two dozen movie comics, but did not draw up a clear plan for the construction of her universe. As a result, even the most loyal DC fans don't quite understand when and in what order all these blockbusters will start coming out. Unsurprisingly, the franchise is surrounded by a lot of gossip and omission.

A new portion of rumors came from the journalists of Discussing Film, who claim that the WB bosses have curtailed work on the solo albums of Deadshot and Lobo.


Talk that Will Smith's marksman Floyd Lawton could get his own movie surfaced in late 2016. According to Discussing Film, the idea of creating Deadshot's solo album never materialized into a finished script. In the end, the WB chose to shelve the project. Now, Smith's next appearance as the famous comic book hero will almost certainly take place in the sequel to Suicide Squad.

As for Lobo's solo album, WB had a ready-made script written by Jason Fuchs. It seems that the studio did not want to risk it and shoot a bloody action about the adventures of a brutal bounty hunter.


Officials of the WB are in no hurry to confirm the information about the cancellation of two of their superhero film projects.

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Author: Jake Pinkman