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Best British Spy

Image Action spy films have always been incredibly popular with viewers - just like the James Bond franchise. And now the British company Mammoth Screen , which was behind the creation of the series Poldark and Victoria, is preparing a drama about another secret agent.

According to the portal Deadline , the company has acquired the rights to film the nonfiction book by Henry Hemming M: Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster , which is still preparing to go to print. The screenwriter Matt Charman ("Spy Bridge") will go into the world of espionage together with British producers - he will be the one to adapt the work of Hemming for small screens.

The series will be based on true events from the life of Maxwell Knight , who became the prototype for the head of intelligence from Ian Fleming's books on James Bond . Knight began working for the British government back in the 1920s and eventually became one of the main leaders of MI5 . It is he who is credited with the greatest merits in the fight against British fascism during the Second World War. Maxwell loved jazz and nature, and his ability to transform anyone into a fearless secret agent set him apart from the rest. Knight was the first to see the potential in training female agents, and Hemming is exactly how seven women and men lived double lives under Knight .

For Bridge of Spies Matt Charman received a Oscar nomination, and his other screenplays include the drama Suite French. Previously, Charman has already collaborated with Mammoth - for the ITV channel, they shot the thriller Black Job.

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Author: Jake Pinkman