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The British will tell about the robbery of the century

Image In April last year, the world's leading news agencies were stirred up by the news of a robbery of a depository in the famous London jewelry quarter Hatton Garden. The criminals acted so skillfully that they earned a flattering comparison with the protagonists of Ocean's Eleven. The amount of stolen valuables is estimated at $ 300 million , due to which the high-profile crime was called the robbery of the century in the press.

It is quite natural that filmmakers simply could not pass by such an interesting plot. As reported by Deadline , the UK studio Working Title has appointed James Marsh to direct the as-yet-unnamed film about the biggest heist in English history. The plot will be based on an article by Mark Seale " A Gang of Retirees ", which was published in March this year in Vanity Fair . It will be adapted for the big screen by Joe Penhall ("The Road").

The robbery took place on April 2 last year, but the police found out about it only a few days later due to the fact that at that time the buildings in the Hatton Garden quarter were closed due to the celebration of Easter. The criminals entered the underground storage through an elevator shaft, and then punched holes in the wall with a diamond drilling rig.


The so-called Flying Squad of Scotland Yard, specializing in the hunt for bank robbers, was brought into the investigation. Six weeks later, the police managed to track the gang, the backbone of which were British pensioners. At the time of his arrest, one of them was about to melt nearly $ 4.5 million worth of precious metal jewelry right on his own dining table. The leader of the gang turned out to be 76-year-old Brian Reader, who began his criminal career at the age of 11. It is believed that in 1971 he took part in another famous robbery, when criminals ransacked the vault of the Lloyds bank on Baker Street, and then left the police a note: “Let's see how Sherlock Holmes will solve this case ". There were rumors that in one of the cells then there were incriminating photographs of Princess Margaret and actor Richard Harris, but over the past 45 years, official representatives of Scotland Yard have not confirmed this information.


The Englishman James Marsh has already established himself as a brilliant director of stories based on real events. Last year, his melodrama Stephen Hawking's Universe was nominated for five Oscars and brought the coveted statuette to actor Eddie Redmayne. At the moment, the filmmaker is preparing for the release of another intriguing biographical film - "Deep Waters", the protagonist of which was businessman and yachtsman Donald Crowhurst, who in 1968 reported false information about his leadership in the round-the-world race for the Golden Globe prize. b>".

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