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The Queen of Poker and the Old Man Rogues: Watch This Week

Image The first weeks of the new year are traditionally marked by the struggle for the main film awards in the world. It is not surprising that domestic distributors rushed to acquaint the public with films that are considered serious contenders for valuable trophies.

Next week, USA viewers will see the premiere of the biographical drama The Big Game, which already has nearly three dozen nominations for various cinematic prizes. An Indian fantasy epic, a pair of horror films, two comedies with stellar cast and a biopic about the life of the famous Swiss sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti will try to compete with one of the participants in the annual race for prestigious awards.

The Big Game promises to prove to the audience the simple truth that life itself is the best screenwriter in the world. The tape will tell about the dizzying adventures of Molly Bloom, who has been skiing since childhood and was even close to joining the US Olympic team. In 2003, the girl moved from her native Colorado to sunny Los Angeles, where she got a job as a waitress. She soon began serving drinks during indoor poker games featuring Hollywood celebrities. The necessary acquaintances helped Molly to organize her own illegal gambling club, the regulars of which were stars of cinema, sports and show business, as well as representatives of the Italian and USA mafia.

ImageIn 2014, Bloom published an autobiography that piqued the interest of the Oscar-winning dialogue master Aaron Sorkin. Despite his dislike of poker, the screenwriter eagerly set to work on the adaptation of the fascinating book. Sorkin gave the text to David Fincher, but he was forced to abandon work on the project. As a result, Aaron decided that he should start implementing his script on his own. The debutant director entrusted the role of Molly Bloom to the magnificent Jessica Chastain. The cast also includes Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Chris O'Dowd and Michael Cera. The role of the latter is of particular interest, because he was tasked with creating a collective image of such regulars of Hollywood gambling houses as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck. "The Big Game" has earned a lot of flattering reviews in the press and has a great chance to appear on USA screens as the owner of the Golden Globe: tomorrow morning she will compete for the victory in the nominations "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actress (Drama)" at 75 th Hollywood Foreign Press Association Awards.

ImageAn excellent gift for fans of biographical dramas also promises to be Stanley Tucci's tape "The Last portrait". At the center of the story is New York critic James Lord, who, during his visit to Paris, agrees to spend a couple of days as a sitter for the artist Alberto Giacometti. The American still does not suspect that the work on the portrait will take a fair amount of time, and he will have a unique chance to find out in what torments of creativity real masterpieces are sometimes born. The character of Giacometti was embodied by the Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush, and the Lord was played by Armie Hammer, who recently revealed himself as a great dramatic actor. The film premiered at last year's Berlin Film Festival, where she earned critical praise. According to many representatives of the foreign press, "The Last Portrait" was Tucci's best directorial work since his debut film "Big Night".

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The ensemble comedies "Who is our dad, dude?" Receive much less positive reviews. and "Everything is just beginning." The first tells about two brothers, played by Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, who set off on a journey across America in search of their biological father. In the images of potential dads, the main characters of the story will appear J.K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw and Christopher Walken. Filming was completed at the end of 2015, but the test screenings left such a depressing impression on the audience that they decided to send the comedy to additional shooting. Judging by the first reaction of foreign critics and viewers, it was not possible to save the film from failure. In North America, "Who's Our Daddy, Dude?" started from only ninth place in the box office, having managed to earn only $ 3.2 million over the opening weekend instead of the projected $ 10 million.

ImageEven worse on its first weekend in the American box office, the begins ", in the center of the plot of which will be a former lawyer of famous criminal clans and an ex-FBI agent, forced to join forces in the fight against the killers of the mafia. The first collaboration between Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones not only did not arouse serious interest among American viewers, but also became the target of severe critics, who noted that the filmmakers squandered the talents of distinguished Hollywood veterans. Suffice it to say that the comedy has only one positive review on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

The horror film "Fear Your Desires", the script of which was once included in the Black List of the best unrealized ideas in Hollywood, does not live up to the expectations of moviegoers. The main heroine of the horror will be a 17-year-old girl Claire, in whose hands an old music box will fall. The mysterious little thing promises to fulfill any requests of the new mistress, but soon Claire begins to understand that she will have to pay a terrible price for the realization of her secret desires. The film was commissioned by renowned Hollywood director and cinematographer John R. Leonetti, who directed the commercially successful horror film The Curse of Annabelle in 2014. His new film is clearly not destined to become a box office hit: to date, Fear Your Desires has only $ 20 million on its account with a production budget of $ 12 million.

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The creators of the horror movie "Slumber: Labyrinths of Sleep" do not have to hope for crazy box office fees. Maggie Kew played the main role in the film of the young Briton Jonathan Hopkins. The Nikita star will appear on the screens as a sleep researcher, who begins to suspect that a mysterious demon from the world of dreams can summon the nightmares of her patients.


Those who definitely don't have financial problems are the creators of the Bahubali franchise. In 2015, the first part of the dilogy became the most expensive project in the history of Indian cinema, updated a number of home box office records and brought the country of elephants and tea its first nominations for the prestigious Saturn Award. The performance of the sequel at the box office is even more successful. To date, the fantasy film "Bahubali: The Birth of a Legend" has already accumulated more than $ 140 million. Now the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular Bollywood blockbuster and learn the denouement of the fairy tale about the confrontation between the forces of good and evil will finally appear for USA fans of cinema.

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