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Autistic killer and decent carpenter: watch this week

Image Next week, 13 new projects will be released in our box office. The most promising premiere of this damn dozen is the thriller Reckoning starring Ben Affleck as a brilliant financial consultant who works for various criminal organizations. The film by Gavin O'Connor, famous for the sports drama Warrior, has already been released in the United States and has earned the most controversial reviews from viewers and critics.

It seems as if the creators of the picture for themselves have not fully decided who in their story is considered a villain, and who is a good guy. In addition, the plot itself hints that it is the autism spectrum disorder that makes the main character an ideal killer, and this already looks somewhat offensive in relation to all autists.

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However, if you omit the moral side of the issue and focus on the entertainment function of cinema, Payback can be called an unusual and rather exciting thriller with a hero that you want to really root for. And if the collection of the picture will allow it to get a sequel, a franchise in the spirit of Bourne may well await us.

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USA distributors will introduce fantasy fans to Max Steele - the hero of the film of the same name by Stuart Handler. The young man, who inherited incredible abilities from his father, learns to control his strength in order to repel dangerous enemies and save the Earth. Judging by the trailer, a light adventure movie with elements of humor and an unpretentious plot awaits us - a great way to spend leisure time without straining your brain. However, the reviews of the first viewers on "Max Steele" cannot be called positive: the film was awarded such unflattering epithets as"banal", "amorphous"and"half-baked"< / i>. In general, this film resembles a not very high-quality parody of "Iron Man".


In the meantime, connoisseurs of poignant life stories will gather in a nearby cinema to form their opinion on the new film by Ken Loach I, Daniel Blake . The triumphant drama of the Cannes Film Festival tells the story of an ordinary British carpenter who tries to apply for unemployment benefits, but cannot do it, because in the modern world everything is automated, and he does not even know how to use a computer. The acclaimed British film classic has shot a poignant, humanistic film that, among other things, deals with such a useful human quality as decency.

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If in the near future you are planning to take children to the cinema, pay attention to the project called "Trolls" from the creators of the legendary "Shrek". The musical cartoon from the studio DreamWorks Animation tells about the adventures of funny colorful creatures - the princess Rosettes and the grumpy Tsvetana . They will have to unite in a team to save their kingdom from the evil bergen. Among the producers of the tape is Justin Timberlake, who recorded the song `` Can't Stop the Feeling! '' as a special for "Trolls" . Foreign critics found the cartoon"super cute", but with the proviso that it is more aimed at young viewers, while older audiences may find such a riot of neon pastels annoying.<

Domestic filmmakers will present four novelties to the public at once: cartoon “Sinbad. Pirates of the Seven Storms " , a family adventure film " Treasure " , a patriotic war drama " Autumn of 41 " and a youth movie A Dangerous Vacation. "Sinbad" will tell how one not very lucky pirate will go to Skeleton Island in search of treasures, in "The Treasure" a couple of teenagers will try to solve the case of the robbery of the local history museum, "Autumn of 41" is a story about friendship, which will pass the test of war, and "Dangerous Holidays" will tell the audience about what adventures teenagers can expect in the summer in Crimea.


A wide range of novelties will also be presented in the documentary sector. Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore will present his new work to the public - the film Where else would you invade? , in which he talks about what the United States could learn from other countries. According to critics, this project from Moore turned out to be the wittiest of all, presented in his filmography. Another documentary, In the Rays of the Sun co-produced by the Czech Republic, USA, Germany, Latvia and North Korea, will present a Pyongyang schoolgirl living an exemplary life in the best country in the world. However, as the plot progresses, it turns out that this entire ideal picture is just a performance for those on the other side of the camera. Finally, renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog reflects on the problems of dependence on the World Wide Web in his new creation - the documentary Oh, the Internet! Dreams of the digital world " .

Another interesting novelty of the coming week is the collection Thriller shorts . These are seven short films, representing one or another facet of the thriller genre - from retro to mysticism. Finally, we note that on October 27 the release of "Absolute Power" - the criminal drama by Daniel Ragussis, about which we wrote in one of the previous announcements, has moved.

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