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USAn Box Office: Guitar Boy Beat Superheroes

Image Last week, four new products were in the top five in the box office. However, only one of them can boast of a warm welcome and a positive reaction from the audience. As for the total revenue of cinemas, compared to the last weekend, it decreased by more than 15% and amounted to about 777 million rubles, but such a decline is quite expected for the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.

An animated film by Pixar and Disney studios called Coco's Secret managed to snatch the palm from the hands of superheroes. The main character of the cartoon, 12-year-old Miguel, lives in a Mexican village in a family of shoemakers and dreams of becoming a musician. However, in the boy's family, music is prohibited and is considered a curse. One fine day, Miguel accidentally ends up in the Land of the Dead, where he meets the souls of his ancestors and decides to find his own idol, the singer Ernesto de la Cruz. True, this must be done before dawn, otherwise he will never be able to return home.


Analysts did not pin high hopes on high fees in the USA box office of the tape, inspired by the Mexican holiday of memory of the dead. The film was expected to receive results from 150-160 million rubles. up to 200 million rubles. in the most optimistic scenario. As a result, Miguel collected 186 million rubles for the premiere weekend. Of course, this amount is far from the collection of the latest Pixar films: Cars 3 started rolling at 289 million rubles, Monsters University - 246 million rubles, and Finding Dory - 214 million rubles. However, these were all sequels and triquels of famous and beloved franchises. The starting fees for The Secret of Coco can be compared with the results of such original full-length Pixar cartoons as Brave (RUB 177 million) and The Good Dinosaur (RUB 144 million), as well as Disney projects such as Ralph (165 million rubles) and "City of Heroes" (177 million rubles).

Critics and viewers, young and old, were delighted with the cartoon. Pixar animators have once again shown the highest level of their skills. A bright color palette and a mesmerizing picture, where every detail and every character is carefully worked out, a fascinating and incredibly touching story, good humor, wonderful music, which, without a doubt, is the same main character as the dreamer boy Miguel - it's all simple cannot leave indifferent cartoon lovers. And stories about the value of family relationships and respect for ancestors always resonate in the soul of even the most callous spectators.


Second place went to "Flatulers", a remake of the 1990 film of the same name, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon. The plot revolves around five medical students who decide on a risky experiment and plunge into a state of clinical death for a while in order to find out what happens to the person on the other side. However, the heroes are not prepared for the consequences of these transitions. In the new version of the story, the roles went to Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton and Kirsi Clemons. The medical thriller with horror elements started from the mark of 109 million rubles, which allowed it to overtake not only the Justice League, but also the long-awaited Snowman in the bestseller Yu Nesbe. True, this is where the film's achievements end. Reviewers call it a completely unnecessary remake.

On the third line was the leader of the last week - the superhero blockbuster Justice League. The collection of the tape slipped by 70% compared to the premiere weekend and amounted to 108 million rubles. In total, the adventures of popular DC comics characters were able to earn 563 million rubles in two weeks of rental. The results of the film significantly surpassed the total box office of Wonder Woman (485 million rubles), but are still far from the final fees of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which started in the USA box office at 530 million rubles. and ended his procession through cinemas with an amount of 848 million rubles. Well, the figures of the "Suicide Squad" are completely unattainable for the "League". In autumn last year, the tape earned a total of 1.613 billion rubles.


Following the action adventure about saving the planet is the detective thriller The Snowman with Michael Fassbender in the title role. The novel of the same name by the Norwegian writer Ju Nesbe was transferred to the screens by the Swedish director Thomas Alfredson. At the center of the story is an Oslo police investigator named Harry Hole, who leads the mysterious case of a maniac who commits crimes every year on the day the first snow falls. For the premiere weekend, the film has mastered almost 92 million rubles. Of course, for films in the genre of a detective thriller, fees are in the region of 100 million rubles. - this is quite a good result. Such films as Gone Girl (RUB 128 million), Girl on a Train (RUB 121 million) and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (RUB 119 million) started at about the same level. However, the reaction of viewers to the film, alas, cannot be called good, which clearly will not contribute to the promotion of the film adaptation at the box office.

Initially, The Snowman had all the ingredients to become a hit. A fascinating plot of the bestseller U Nesbe, the atmosphere of Scandinavian noir loved by the audience, an excellent cast and an experienced film crew. Among its participants, in addition to the quite successful director Thomas Alfredson in his field, there are Oscar-winning cameraman Dion Beebe, three-time award winner, editor Thelma Schunmaker, and Martin Scorsese as executive producer. However, the overwhelming majority of reviewers recognized the film as not just bad, but a failure. Viewers complain about the lack of logic, both in the actions of the heroes and in everything that happens on the screen, numerous storylines, most of which have not been developed, vague motives of the main villain. And in general, the movie turned out to be crumpled. The creators did not bother themselves with the backstory of the characters, and since The Snowman is the seventh book about Harry Hall, many of the details were clear only to fans of the Norwegian writer. As a result, the film, which was supposed to become the beginning of a whole franchise, is called one of the most unsuccessful adaptations of the year, and its merits include, perhaps, only the incredibly beautiful landscapes of snow-covered Norway.


In the fifth place of the financial rating is the continuation of the American comedy "Hello, Dad, New Year!" In the story, father and stepfather, Dusty and Brad, team up to organize the perfect Christmas party for their children. Hard-won neutrality, however, is threatened when their fathers come to visit their grandchildren. Now Christmas is threatening to turn into nightmarish chaos. The main roles in the film “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 "was performed by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and the roles of their dads went to John Lithgow and Mel Gibson, respectively. Audiences and critics took the film quite coolly, highlighting among the main disadvantages a bad script, cardboard characters, predictable jokes and a whole scattering of genre cliches. And yet for the premiere weekend, the sequel to the family Christmas comedy was able to earn 84 million rubles.
And, of course, it is impossible not to mention the USA "The Last Bogatyr", who, although he did not make it into the top five of the last week's rental, is celebrating a victory on a different front. To date, the tape has a record of 1.678 billion rubles, which makes it the highest-grossing domestic film in the entire history of modern film distribution. Previously, this title belonged to the military drama "Stalingrad" directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, which has mastered the amount of 1.670 billion rubles.

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