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Casting: Equalizer Enemy and Jaguar Werewolf

Image When Denzel Washington plays the lead role in a film, the central character's opponent needs to be matched. According to the studio Sony , Pedro Pascal ("Barygi") is the best suited for this purpose - the actor will accompany Washington on the set the second "Great equalizer" .

Until recently, it was only known that Washington will return to the role of the former special forces officer Robert McCall , who has traded a quiet and measured life for the salvation of those who need protection. The filming of the sequel should be led by the director of the first part Antoine Fuqua.

Last time McCall went against a criminal syndicate from USA, but who will be played by Pascal and how he will get in the way of the main character is still unknown. The sequel is scheduled to premiere on September 14 next year. Prior to that, it will be possible to evaluate the acting talent of Pedro Pascal in the action game "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and the third season of Husky , where he will confront the drug cartel Cali >.


Ed Skrein is familiar with comic book comics - he appeared in Deadpool last year. Now the actor is ready to move to the camp of another character in graphic novels - Skrein got a role in the new "Hellboy" .

The project will be directed by Neil Marshall (Doomsday), starring David Harbor. The source says that Skrein will play Major Ben Daimio , who first advised the Bureau of Paranormal Research and later became a full-time employee of the organization. Ben 's abilities extend far beyond those of a normal Marine: after facing supernatural forces, he transforms into a jaguar every time he is overcome with rage or pain.


Finally, Numan Akar (Homeland) has joined the cast of the new "Aladdin" . Guy Ritchie (Lock, Money, Two Barrels) has been entrusted with shooting the feature film, and Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Will Smith and Marwan Kenzari have already signed up to take part in it. The film tells the story of a young street thief who falls in love with a princess and is forced to confront the cruel villain Jafar , enlisting the support of a magic genie from a lamp. Akar got the role of Hakim - the head of the palace guard and concurrently the chief assistant of Jafar .

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