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Dangerous Virtual Reality

Image Projects related to virtual reality have been gaining popularity lately. Next year, moviegoers will see video game users thrashing about in Ready Player One. In addition, not so long ago we reported that Amazon is preparing a series based on the novel "Avalanche" by Neil Stevenson. Now something similar has appeared in the plans of the Legendary studio.

According to Deadline, the major has acquired the rights to film the Nonplayer * comic, created by Nate Simpson for Image Comics. The graphic novel will be adapted by Eric Pearson, who has gotten a kick out of writing the third Thor and the series Agent Carter.

Future life sucks. Dana Stevens works in delivery of tamale and is too old to share an apartment with her mother. The only place where Dana can hide from the dull reality is an online fantasy world called Jarvat, where the main character is an elite warrior. When Dana's character kills the wife of one of the most popular players, she seems to be famous, but suddenly the fictional world gets out of control ...


The first volume of the comic hit store shelves back in 2011, and at the same time the Warner Bros. studio was going to make a film based on it. The work on the project stalled, and already in 2015 the second volume was published. The upcoming Legendary adaptation is described as a mix of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Matrix.

* - preliminary translation.

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