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Amazon Goes Fantasy

Image Media giant Amazon recently closed the series "The Last Tycoon" and "Zelda: The Beginning of Everything", and the creators of the latter were already preparing for the second season after the renewal received in the spring. Apparently, the streaming service decided to focus on projects in the fantasy genre, since the Amazon management announced the start of work on three new series at once.

All in all, according to the website Variety, at the stage of filming, pre- and post-production, Amazon has 67 television shows and 20 movies. These include three new projects: Lazarus ("Lazar" *), Snow Crash ("Avalanche" *) and Ringworld ("World-Ring" *).

The series "Lazarus" will be based on the graphic novel of the same name by Greg Ruki and Michael Lark, which takes place in an alternate future. The world is divided between 16 warring dynasties that rule the territories according to the principle of a feudal system. Each family has allies and enemies among the rest, and in order to suppress uprisings and wage wars, most clans acquired Lazarus - an invulnerable, almost immortal creature created using genetic engineering.


Avalanche is the adaptation of Neil Stevenson's cult novel, which Amazon will co-produce with Paramount TV. This sci-fi drama follows a hacker named Hiro the Protagonist. He lives in futuristic America and works as a pizza delivery man for the mafia, and spends all his free time in the Metaverse, a virtual reality inhabited by human avatars. When a virus appears in it that can kill people in ordinary life, only Hiro is able to stop its spread. Joe Cornish (Ant-Man) and Frank Marshall (Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark) will be co-producing the project.

Finally, the third drama is the television version of the Larry Niven book series. It is about the adventures of two-hundred-year-old Louis Wu, who got bored on his next birthday on Earth and decided to go on an expedition to the amazing ring-shaped world around one of the stars.


Once the bosses of Syfy hoped to make a mini-series based on the cycle, but this idea was never realized. It is noteworthy that at the same time, the cable channel was developing a film adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, which also did not find shelter on Syfy, but eventually brought Amazon success.

* - preliminary translation.

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