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Laughter and Sin. Trailer ”New Year's corporate party”

Image Schoolchildren and students are just weaning from summer idleness, painfully trying to tune in to assimilate new knowledge, and USA distributors are already hinting to us that New Year's holidays are not far off. A dubbed trailer for the comedy "New Year's Party" from directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon has appeared on the web. Those who have ever had this fun holiday understand that comedies on the topic"I drank a little, and therefore I feel an irresistible desire to confess my love to my company, colleagues and bosses", you can shoot a great many , because this material is inexhaustible for jokes and funny situations.

However, according to the plot of the film, the CEO of the company, played by sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, does not want to see an uncontrollable orgy in the scenery of his rich office. And that is why she is waiting for the most cheeky corporate party that can only be imagined, because all offended employees will now have fun in spite of the nasty filth. Moreover, her brother intends in this way to save his branch from closing and even attract a new client ...

Duplicate trailer

In addition to Aniston , Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn and Courtney B. Vance will light up on the upcoming New Year's Eve, and champagne will start flowing on USA screens starting from December 8th.

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Author: Jake Pinkman