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Mafia against Nazis

Image The American film company Foresight Unlimited decided to tell the audience an amazing story of the life of a gangster, pioneer of the American gambling industry and World War II hero David Berman .

Berman was born in 1903 in Odessa. When David was a child, his parents decided to go in search of a better life in America. The Bermans family settled in Sioux City, Iowa, on the streets of which their child's criminal talent suddenly began to unfold. Already at the age of thirteen, the little boy took the nickname Davey the Jew , formed his own gang and began to trade in bootlegging and robbery. Soon, Al Capone drew attention to the enterprising young man, however Berman preferred to start cooperation with the famous crime family Genovese , which entrusted him with conducting bookmaking operations in Minneapolis .

In 1933, the largest city in Minnesota was flooded with members of the anti-Semitic organization Silver Shirts. Berman made every effort to expel the supporters of Nazi ideology from Minneapolis. Several years later, David had the opportunity to personally annoy Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. During World War II, Berman tried to volunteer for the US Army, but was refused due to connections with criminals. Then the gangster went to Winnipeg, where he managed to enlist in the Canadian army.


During the war, David found it useful to have connections with the Sicilian mafia, with the support of which his regiment won several important victories in the southern region of Italy. It is curious that many of Berman's colleagues did not even know that at home he was considered one of the most dangerous criminals of his generation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the director's chair for the film, tentatively titled The Devil's Brigade , will be taken by Australian Phillip Noyce, which includes films such as Games of the Patriots, Blind Fury and Salt.


Filming of the biopic Berman is expected to begin later this year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman